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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Accurate Arms Data 2200 Load Data

While doing an inventory of my reloading components, I discovered I have a fair quantity of an older smokeless powder sold by Accurate Arms some years ago. One source I read said it is possible that this powder was made under contract to Russia for the 7.62X39 at about the time they were transitioning to the 5.45X39. Supposedly they reneged on their order and the manufacturer was left with a very large quantity of powder.

Whatever the truth, this powder was marketed by Accurate Arms, and sold at a steep discount some years ago. At one time (when I bought mine :-) it was available for $48 per 8 lb. jug. It was supposed to be excellent in reloading 7.62X39 and also 5.56X45 (basically the same as .223, and what is used in the AR-15 line of rifles, although military 5.56 cases are reputed to be thicker in the web area, and pressures will be slightly higher if you load them using data for the .223.) One source I read indicated it was a good bench rest powder for Camp Perry competition. I can't speak to that, but I have used it in my Marlin 1895 GG in 45-70, and got good results with it. I am thinking about loading some 5.56 with the Sierra 69 grain HPBT MatchKing bullets to see what kind of accuracy I can get out of my AR.

When I discovered I still had this powder, I looked for my loading data, and couldn't find it. Western Powder no longer lists any data for this powder on their web site (they own the Accurate Arms line of powders now, along with RamShot.) However, a search via the Wayback Machine got me a copy of AA's data sheet that they produced back when they were selling it. If you need it, or are just curious, here it is:

Hope this a few of you reloaders out there.

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