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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Islam: not much fun for women, either

It's Christmas Day, and I'm staring at the snow-covered mountains to the west of Hamilton, MT as I type this. Merry Christmas (and to hell with any liberals/progressives who don't like it) to all, and hopes for a happier New Year to come.

Probably the greatest threat to Western civilization at this time is Islam, as practiced by the majority of muslims the world round. This "religion of peace" has ushered in the day celebrated as the birth of Christ by killing more people in Pakistan, as a burka-clad terrorist killed forty people (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20101225/wl_nm/us_pakistan_violence),

and in Nigeria, where those oh, so tolerant muslims killed at least 38 Christians minding their own business (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20101225/wl_nm/us_nigeria_violence).

I realize there are a lot of otherwise intelligent and loving people who would like to believe that most muslims are against the violence perpetrated by those "few extremists", but the facts prove otherwise. The non-violent, anti-jihad muslims do NOT follow the true Islam. The Quran and Hadith demand that muslims destroy non-believers - including the muslims who do not accept the "necessity" of both violent and demographic (by birth rate) jihad as practiced in Europe and elsewhere.

These are the folks who want to share their religion of peace with us via a mosque they will build next to the World Trade Center site, on land where part of the landing gear of one of the two aircraft fell. Built with funds provided in part (or wholly?) by muslim groups who are actually listed by our government as terrorist organizations. But our Terrorist-Sympathizer-in-Chief doesn't believe in terrorism - just "man-made destructive events", or whatever the hell euphemism he uses to describe the activities of those muslim groups he so admires. From what I can determine in the news and facts that can be sifted from the tripe published by the mainstream media and what can be found on the Internet, it would appear that the majority of mosques across both Europe _and_ the U.S. teach jihad to their members, support and insist upon the kind of violence and attempt to subjugate that the media calls "radical" or "extremist", but is actually the norm.

It is a shame that most people don't realize that Islam is a made-up religion with about as much validity as Scientology/Dianetics. That it is based on the edicts of a known child molester who admonished his followers to kill anyone not adhering to Islam - including versions of Islam not completely identical to his version. That Islam claims holy sites in Israel, in Jerusalem, that had no more connection to Islam before Mohammed's verbal claims than a crater on the moon. That it treats women as sub-human, entirely owned by its males, permitting their death by stoning for the mere error of bring "shame" upon the family's honor - such shame being anything the male family members decide to define it as. That around the world (mostly in third world countries, but elsewhere as well) many female muslim infants die from trauma and infection secondary to clitoral mutilation. [SEE PHOTO ABOVE] Mutilation demanded by Islam so that these females don't suffer the sin of experiencing pleasure from sex. That is only permitted to muslim males. Time Magazine is usually a worthless piece of tripe, but recently they did publish an issue featuring a muslim woman whose nose and ears were cut off by male relatives, and here is another mutilation, reported in the girl's own words:

According to a 1999 report from the World Health Organization, 97 percent of Egyptian women and girls have undergone the barbaric practice of genital mutilation. A 2005 report by the Cairo-based Association for Legal Rights of Women submitted to the UN explained that Egyptian women are constitutionally deprived of their basic rights including their rights to control their bodies and property. Males who murder their female relatives are often unpunished. When they are tried and convicted for premeditated murder, their sentences average from 2 to 4 years in prison.

There are a lot of sources for real information about Islam, not the lies, distortions and pap fostered by the Mainstream Media and other apologists for this "religion of peace". One of the best, by a very knowledgeable and fair scholar of Islam is "Jihad Watch", by Robert Spencer. He has a section on his web site named Islam 101, that gives solid information on why Islam is not a peaceful religion. It is the process of abrogation, demanded by Mohammed himself. Abrogation means that any "message" he received from Allah replaces any earlier one dealing with the same topic. So, the messages of peaceful co-existence with other religions that Mohammed "received" from Allah earlier in his life were replaced by those demanding the death of non-believers that he "received" later in his life. As Spencer says at one point,

The Quran's commandments to Muslims to wage war in the name of Allah against non-Muslims are unmistakable. They are, furthermore, absolutely authoritative as they were revealed late in the Prophet's career and so cancel and replace earlier instructions to act peaceably. Without knowledge of the principle of abrogation, Westerners will continue to misread the Quran and misdiagnose Islam as a "religion of peace."

The Gates of Vienna blog (http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/ ) is another good one. There are many others. Here is an article that gives a quick precis of Islam in the course of mentioning how the "Palestinians" foster myths to incite their people:

"Shocking Revelations About Jesus Christ

December 25, 2010: Just in time for Christmas,

Palestinian Authority TV comes out with shows extolling

the fact (at least among Palestinians) that Jesus was a

Palestinian and the first Palestinian martyr. Christians

believe that the Romans executed Jesus to placate a

faction of the Jewish clergy who opposed the message

Jesus was putting out. Jesus was known as a popular

rabbi, and was accused by the Romans of claiming to be

"king of the Jews." Some Jews (who later became

Christians) accepted Jesus as the long awaited messiah.

But most Jews, and all Moslems, do not. Moslems

believe Jesus was a prophet sent by God to the Semitic

Jewish tribes of what is now Palestine. This is an

important point, as Palestinian propaganda considers

Jews who don't look Semitic (Arab) to be polluted by

alien blood and thus not welcome. The Semitic Jews of

Israel (the descendents of those expelled from Arab

countries in the late 1940s) are also considered

unwelcome, largely because they consorted with the

invading Western Jews. These Jews look just like Arabs,

and often join the intelligence services, since they make

excellent undercover agents.

Palestinian propaganda, meant mainly for internal

consumption, depicts all of Israel as "occupied Palestine"

and holds that Jews (who have lived in the area

continuously for over 3,000 years) have no right to be

there. Arab Christians in the neighborhood, some of

them descendants of those who were followers of Jesus,

keep their heads down amidst all this, as the Palestinian

propaganda also declares that Jesus was preaching

Islam, over five centuries before Mohammed arrived on

the scene. Religion can get you killed in this part of the

world, but that doesn't seem to discourage radical

interpretations of historical events.

Religious intolerance, as well as religious diversity, are

both characteristic of the region. Islam arrived five

centuries after Christianity and, like earlier new

religions, attracted adherents. What was different about

Islam was that it was aggressively seeking to persuade

all conquered people to become Moslems. This did not

work, as there were always stubborn minorities. In the

area that is now Israel and the Palestinian territories,

there are several religions that survived, in one way or another, the Islamic conversion

effort. The two most obvious groups were Christians (several different sects) and Jews

(ditto). But there were others, most of whom pretended to become Moslems, but do so on their own terms. Thus we have the Druze, several flavors of Shia, and others. These

Moslem sects are considered heretics by many mainstream Sunni Moslems (especially

hard core groups like the Wahhabi and al Qaeda).

For Palestinian propaganda purposes, it's possible to find enough hooks in the complex

religious and ethnic history of the region to get many Moslems to believe that Jesus was

not a Jew, but rather the first Palestinian martyr. The Arabs tend to keep stuff like this

to themselves, thus you will only find these messages in the Arab language media. But it

is always there, especially during the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus."

Islam fosters hate and resentment amongst the muslims, most often by outright lies and distortions. Myths such as this one are promulgated to keep their more ignorant followers believing they have the one true path to righteousness. Remember that our President loves Islam, and thinks the muslim call to prayer “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

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