Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This will be the start of a new blog for me. One which is much more important than any other activity I might pursue here in my retirement, given our current political and economic situation. I have been following a number of conservative (NOT "Republican") blogs dealing with the loss of our liberty, the abuse and infringement of our rights, since FDR's New Deal and before.

These blogs I am following are much more important, better written and certainly better informed than I am, so please take the time to read them as well. Some of the thoughts and opinions expressed therein, as well as by myself, may run counter to what you've been taught or believe. They will challenge what you have heard or read or been told. Be patient - none of what is written here or elsewhere is written with evil intent, with a desire to harm anyone or deprive them of their right to live their life as they see fit. You see, that is the true difference between a conservative and a liberal. The liberal must not only make you understand that he knows what is best for you and everyone else, he demands that you conform to his vision of how the world should be. The conservative only wishes to live his own life freely, without being regulated and taxed to death.

As a graduate of the San Diego Police Academy, I was taught to enforce the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law. Back in the day (late '70's) we were interested in keeping people, and our community, safe, without being over-bearing or officious. Nowadays, the emphasis appears to be on enforcing the law, hence the title: Law Enforcement. We were peace keepers back then - now they are LEO's: Law Enforcement Officers. It doesn't matter if the law is wrong, or even if they are enforcing regulatory rules instead of law, or even violating the law, as the TSA personnel abuse the Fourth Amendment with their illegal x-ray scanning and illegal sexual groping ("enhanced pat downs").

Why is it that so many people are willing to permit their wives, children and themselves to be treated as criminals, as potential terrorists, simply to be able to use an airline for transportation? As others much more eloquent than I have already stated, scanning and groping children and elderly nuns while ignoring muslims will not keep us safe.

As a police officer, I was taught the use of profiling - now a dirty word. The liberal community has twisted a perfectly acceptable word, an investigative tool, into a crime against nature. So, tell me - if a 6'4", 350 pound long-haired Caucasian male with a leather motorcycle jacket robs the local Seven-Eleven or Circle K, do you think it is appropriate for the police to stop and pat down your three year old daughter, your seventy-two year old mother, or the habit-wearing nun from the local convent? Of course not. Profiling indicates we need to be looking for large Caucasian males within the biker community, or at least large males fitting the description. Is that racist? Would we be abusing the Caucasian biker community if we did so?

So, if 90% (or is it 100%?) of the airline terrorist attempts involve muslim males from various countries (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc.), how are we keeping our airline passengers safe by searching children and elderly females? Especially while refusing to search muslims in the same way because it would be "profiling", "religious persecution", or whatever the current excuse being used for failing to do the right thing.

The question then becomes, why does "Big Sis", Janet Napolitano, and TSA want to subject innocent citizens to such abusive and damaging searches? (http://news.ucsf.edu/news-briefs/details/ucsf-scientists-speak-out-against-airport-full-body-scans/) If they are not really trying to keep us safe, then are they spending billions of dollars on TSA personnel and scanning equipment simply to make it appear they are doing something, or are they actually simply testing us to see how much abuse we will accept in order to be permitted to move about our own country by our choice of transportation? And as the bus terminals and train stations are also being monitored and controlled by TSA and Homeland Security regulations and fiat, how much longer until our very own personal vehicles are forced to stop at checkpoints operated by local, state.or federal law enforcement? Oops, that is happening already in cities and towns across America.

Folks, the camel is in the tent. Why many of us didn't notice, or care, that this took place will be the subject of further posts.

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  1. Good job. And what is the Ben Franklin quote: Those who prefer security over liberty deserve neither security nor liberty. Sorry for the poor paraphrase attempt but the idea is there. Congratulations on your blog. I also appreciated your reminder that we conservatives hold the way people want to live their lives with respect. We just want all to have the opportunity to live freely and to prosper in a free market system that is allowed to flourish free of a heavy handed government.


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