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~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, January 7, 2011

Coexist with the Religion of Peace? Islam Itself Refuses

I have seen the bumper stickers, oh, so clever, which display the Crescent, the Mogen David, and the Cross, all within the word: "COEXIST". Often this sits right next to an "Obama '08" sticker.

Now, I know progressives are not the most logical of individuals. Although calling a progressive (read "liberal" any time I write "progressive") an individual, well, that's an oxymoron. They cringe at the thought of being an individual, preferring life within the herd - or flock - to rugged individualism. Hell, they don't believe the individual has any rights which aren't subordinate to the needs of the "many", the collective. Even so, how do you reconcile a belief that the major religions of the world should "coexist" when the first one mentioned - the Crescent being Islam - refuses to coexist with any other religion, world view, or rule of law?

The recent spate of killings of Coptic Christians in Egypt and elsewhere demonstrates this, as does Islam's almost 1400 year history. How do you ignore what the Quran itself tells muslims about tolerating no disbelief, no G-d except Allah, no prophet except Mohammed? [For those who mention the "peaceful" passages of the Quran, remember that they are replaced by the later, jihad-laden passages. Per the teachings of Islam itself, later edicts abrogate - replace and override - earlier passages and edicts.]

So how do these folks sporting these bumper stickers imagine coexistence is going to happen? When the few moderates who practice a mild (but not authentic) version of Islam are murdered? Just as "Salman Taseer, a popular Pakistani governor, was assassinated this week because he was critical of Pakistan's blasphemy law." Assassinated by his own bodyguard, mind you, who reportedly pumped forty bullets into him merely because Taseer defended a woman who spoke up to defend her own faith and was consequently gang-raped by a number of muslims, practicing their "religion of peace" upon her body. She was subsequently convicted of blasphemy by a muslim court, under Sharia. And sentenced to death.


As the tough guys in high school would have said, "I got yer 'coexistence'. I got it right here."

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