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~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, January 7, 2011

Of Oaths and Loyalties (T.L. Davis)

T.L. Davis, of Washington Rebel fame, wrote a brief appeal to those who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I believe it to be pointed primarily at those in law enforcement. http://tlinexile.blogspot.com/2011/01/of-oaths-and-loyalties.html

Those of us who have served in that field all took the oath. Some were obviously ignorant of what that really meant, while some just as obviously knew but didn't care. They "crossed their fingers", they lied. And some of us knew and meant what we said.

T.L. wants them to consider the fact that the time has come to choose sides. To either support and defend the Constitution, and thereby truly serve the citizens we were hired to protect, or to remain lackeys of those in power, those who shake their heads and exclaim, "Are you serious? Are you serious?" He points out a very good reason even beyond the morality of honoring your oath: that law enforcement, the line dogs, will be fed to the rioting crowds when the elite decide it is time to use them as a shield, a delaying tactic. Soon, however, the time to choose will have passed.

Hopefully, a few at least will realize they need to return to operating by the Constitution, to the right way of doing things, to serving and protecting citizens - from our own government, if necessary. Those that don't will find themselves standing alone out there, when the hordes have crashed the gate and are no longer restrained by rule of law. (Just as so many LEOs these days are no longer restrained by rule of law. Not even the Constitution.) They will be standing alone when the gangs and the illegals and the rioting looters run over the top of them. Any armed citizens that would have stood side-by-side with them will turn away. Why protect those who refused to protect you? Why defend those who used their authority to demean and harass and arrest and even kill citizens, citizens who were without any intent to do harm, to do wrong.

The men and women who were involved in the arrest and persecution of David Olofson know what I am talking about. The cops who shot and killed Erik Scott. The Feds who kidnapped Elian Gonzalez, and condemned him to return to Cuba. Lon Horiuchi, may he rot in hell forever.

There are good cops out there too. But they remain silent when wrongs are being done. They remain silent when their brother officers are beating and killing citizens, shooting foreign visitors in darkened doorways. And they continue to enforce laws that are unConstitutional. "Following orders" was an excuse not accepted at Nuremburg. It won't be accepted here, either, when the center fails.

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