Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Poor old paranoid guy

I started this blog at the suggestion of the husband of a cousin, a very nice guy who is also an RN, as I am currently (one of a large number of occupations in my life :-) I think he imagined reading about my further travels, in an RV now that we sold the cruising sailboat. Little did he know that, reading various excellent blogs on the Web, I would be moved to speak of Liberty, and the obstacles present in attempting to reclaim it.

Based on the few comments (only two people have bothered, and one is my sister ;-) I have gotten here, I take it that my cousin's husband - and anyone else who has stumbled upon this site - find it either a pitiful shadow of real bloggers out there - as do I, but I'm not trying to match them - or way over the top. As far as family goes, they are very nice folks. Caring, compassionate, bright. Because they have been raised and live in the liberal heart of the East - Connecticut, Massachusetts - I can imagine their chagrin at reading what this poor old paranoid guy has to say about our government, about the muslim threat, about the socialist agenda of the liberals.

I know my cousin's father - who I love dearly and respect - is a Democrat. My conservative sister and I have had discussions with him, and while we managed to do so without any rancor on either side, could no more bridge the gap than we could leap the Grand Canyon. Still love the guy, but he has too much experience believing the liberal lies and perhaps too much invested in that world view to change. Quite possibly that is the case with what few others might read these feeble wanderings.

Having come to an appreciation of how desperate our straits are, how close we are to no longer having any true liberty at all (flown anywhere recently?), rather late in life, I prize this knowledge immensely. I was hoping that I could open a few eyes, get some folks to begin to question that which they have accepted as truth for lo, these many years. Then introduce them to the real thinkers out there. The folks at Washington Rebel, Jihad Watch, Pete at WRSA, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Glenn Reynolds and the people at PJTV, etc. Allow them to educate themselves to the truth that has been denied them by the Mainstream Media and what the government schools taught us.

I realize I am not reaching many, if any, of these folks. My fear is that, having read something they don't like, perhaps believing me a "racist" because I don't buy the "religion of peace" bullshit and speak out against the muslims, they will not read that one thing I might say that turns on a light, that opens their eyes enough to cause them to go on to a full awakening. I do understand that, being passionate about what is happening in our country and around the world today, I may very well come off as a bit too radical for their taste.

Well, it certainly isn't my responsibility to create an epiphany in the hearts and minds of family and friends. Nonetheless, it is a good cause, and one I will continue to try to accomplish. If nothing else, this blog aids me in trying to arrange my thoughts and my beliefs into some fashion of a coherent philosophy of life and liberty - or at least, what is left of both. If any of you have managed to read to the end, you have my thanks for your patience and perseverance.

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