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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Raid on Bin Laden

Something that is terribly significant, but has been passed over by the MSM (main stream media) and Fox as well, is that it seems that the raid was accomplished not because of Obama but in spite of him. The information appears to indicate that, each time Obama agreed with Leon Panetta and Robert Gates, Valerie Jarrett got him to change his mind. Now, we all know that this President - who prefers to vote "Present" rather than for or against an issue - has difficulty making decisions. He much prefers taking vacations rather than governing America, eighteen holes on the golf course over being Commander-in-Chief (he was reportedly dragged off the golf course to attend the viewing of the raid.)

The story indicates that Panetta, who along with Gates had apparently arranged the training and preparation for this raid starting some months ago, gave approval and a go-ahead in spite of Obama's inability to decide, to go after Bin Laden before he could be warned and moved to a new, unknown location. It also seems that Valerie Jarrett tried to countermand the order for the raid. Fortunately for all involved, Panetta, Gates, and Clinton ignored her. She seems to think she is the power behind the throne, and may in fact make most of Obama's decision for him, but CIA, Sec Def, and Sec State overruled her. Here is the article detailing what is believed to have happened:


Look at the photo above: does that look like a President pleased by the fact that we have removed Bin Laden from the burden of his life? Does that look like a President who ordered the raid and is taking full credit for it? Is his apparent anger directed at those who chose to act while he dithered? Or does it look like a man upset by this attack upon his muslim brothers? Notice how diminished he looks, hunched down in his chair rather than sitting upright and looking forceful and decisive, as he would have if he had in fact approved and ordered the mission. So this story of his inability to decide to stage the raid is quite believable to me, at least.

Interestingly enough, this look as if this may have been Hilary's first sight of an actual assault by a military team. Although she has since claimed she was touching her nose due to allergies (what a crock), it is apparent that she is displaying a look of concern and possibly amazement about what is taking place. Given that she supposedly approved the raid, she seems a bit surprised by what she is viewing.

This development says a lot about how our government is being run right now. If it doesn't scare you, you simply aren't paying attention. Please share this with anyone you think may benefit from knowing what may really have taken place, rather than continuing to believe the fairy tale given to us by the President, the White House, and the media.

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