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Friday, May 6, 2011

What about Osama and Obama?

I have been reluctant to get into the middle of the whole Bin Laden thing. There are so many aspects to his death, so many angles to it that it tires me to think of trying to post on all that is relevant about the raid, the killing, the disposal of the body, and the response of the world - including the muslim world - to his death.

First, allow me to state categorically that the man deserved to die. There was no reason to feel the need to try such an individual. First, he is not a citizen of our country, and has no right to benefit from the protections we afford our own citizens in court or elsewhere. He was an enemy combatant, and while his acts could certainly be considered "criminal", terrorist acts against non-combatant men, women, and children do not qualify as crime but as terrorism. Yes, there is a distinction.

Secondly, he freely admitted to being responsible for all of those deaths. He reveled in his responsibility for the deaths of 9/11, the embassy killings, the USS Cole, and many others. There is no question whatsoever of his guilt, so he deserves the maximum penalty, especially considering the special circumstances surrounding 9/11 which would qualify him for the death penalty if we were so foolish as to have tried him in civilian court.

Nonetheless, I am not all that excited by his death; satisfied that he finally paid the full price for his actions, but not ignorant enough to believe that Al-Qaeda has been diminished by his death. Al-Zawahiri, I believe, was the real mastermind, with Bin Laden being the "face" of Al-Qaeda, the PR man. So, don't expect an end to Al-Qaeda's predations, their violence.

Today, I read an article on JWR (the Jewish World Review, excellent web site), about those who believe it might not have been Bin Laden that was killed being equivalent to the "Birthers" who believe Obama is actually ineligible to be President. In the article, it goes on to say that the CIA has ID him beyond the shadow of a doubt, due to DNA that was compared to that taken from his large family. Here is my comment on that notion:

"I don't especially care if this was Obama or not, as Al-Zawahiri was most likely the real mastermind of 9/11 and other atrocities, but the article makes plain that there is reason for doubt, _because_ of the DNA "evidence". The government (CIA?) stated it was easy to ID the DNA, as the Bin Laden family is so large that there were plenty of samples to test against.

If the family is so large, then the corpse they dumped into the ocean could just as easily be another family member rather than OBL himself. Without prior DNA material known to have come from OBL himself, all that has been determined is a definite family relationship, and possibly (if we aren't being lied to) a determination that the material is not identical to any of the family samples they already possess.

With such a large family, the likelihood of a male family member of similar age and appearance is almost guaranteed. As an example, I've seen photos of a distant cousin of my father's who looks almost identical to my father, who has been dead for 38 years. Based on looks alone, I would have been fooled, as he looks exactly as I would expect my father to look if he had lived this long. The resemblance is incredible.

The CIA's identification is therefore disingenuous, suspect for claiming so strongly to be un-refutable. You don't have to be a conspiracy buff to come to that rather obvious conclusion."

Now, considering what joy and celebration attended the dismembering and mutilation that was performed upon the bodies of the civilian contractors killed by the muslims of Fallujah in Iraq, why would even our muslim-loving President feel it necessary to dispose of the body at sea? Even if we accept the fact that B. Hussein Obama does not care about the citizens of this country, what would best serve us and this nation, you would think that he would want to make certain that there would be no question in the minds of the voters, at least.

Given that he went so far as to publish an obviously manipulated image of what he claims to be his birth certificate, you would think he would want to forestall problems with the identification of the body as being Osama Bin Laden. Instead, he states that he wanted to comply with muslim requirements for the burial of a follower of Islam, a religion we all know he loves dearly. That may indeed be true, but it doesn't necessarily follow that it is the only reason the body was buried at sea. The only thing it does prove is that Obama was more concerned with pleasing the muslims of the world than with reassuring the people of America - even those who voted for him and still support him - that we have indeed removed this filth from the face of the earth.

Do you get it, folks? Has it become real for you yet? Obama cares less for you than the muslims of the world. He has less respect for, or need to consider with compassion, the families of the 9/11 dead than the millions of muslims around the world who danced in the streets when the Twin Towers came down. Doesn't that tell you a little something about this man? Can you understand that perhaps he is even more dangerous to America than Bin Laden was?

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