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~ Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Bad Choice Is Still A Better Choice Than Obama

On his blog, Fighting for Liberty, CDP informs us of information that a actual Marxist was involved in helping to write Romneycare, which many consider a model for Obamacare. I wonder if this isn't simply something the Left has provided to the media for the purpose of damaging Romney's chances of getting elected.

Think about it for just a minute: Romneycare was indeed mandated, and shows some similarities with the intent of Obamacare. However, any individual - or group, for that matter - who writes up legislation for socialized medicine is going to be at least a socialist, maybe even a Marxist. Duh. (That isn't aimed at CDP, just a comment that it is obvious that socialists want socialized medicine.)

You need to ask yourself, however, how many pages were in the Romneycare legislation, as opposed to Obamacare? Did Romneycare leave open the ability of the head of whatever agency ran Romneycare to craftany regulations it wanted to implement, the way Obamacare does? Did Romneycare establish committees to decide - later, at its own leisure - what it will allow and what it won't, who may get care and who may not? Was Romneycare written like Obamacare - where even once you passed it you still had no idea what was in it (because so much of the power vested in it is unwritten, to be decided later by administrators and the Secretary of Health and Human Services)? I don't think so.

I would be very surprised if Romneycare, for all it was a socialist mandate and abuse of freedom, had the potential for the total governmental take-over of health care in Massachusetts the way Obamacare does for America?

But, let's leave that aside for now. The bottom line for me is that, socialist or deluded fool that Romney might be, he has never shown the desire to totally "transform" Massachusetts, t0 punish it for being Massachusetts, the way Obama wants to wreck America. Being a LDS member (Mormon), is even in his favor, for the members of that church at least have good family values. What values has Obama shown us? Support for the LGBTs, the muslims, any and all of America's enemies. Support for total governmental control - by the Executive Office alone.

So, let's take this new revelation with a very large grain of salt. It certainly isn't a deal-breaker, and as CDP says, "Don't think for one minute we can stop watching Club Fed." The Marxists are not going to go away, they have insinuated themselves into government at every level. Being complacent and not paying attention is what got us into this mess to start with, back with old Woodrow Wilson and FDR (and before that, truth be told.) We need to keep watching, but I think we will be a lot safer if we do all we can to see that Obama is not allowed to continue the demolition of this country.

A conservative political columnist and Tea Party supporter named David Weinbaum wrote an article in which he stated:

"Our nominee is Mitt Romney. He has flaws. But, so does everyone else. Let me remind you of another candidate. He was a Democrat who became governor of a liberal state. He was president of his union. There was a lot of concern about his intelligence and his conservativeness. That was Ronald Reagan and by most accounts he did all right against Jimmy Carter in a similar situation to what we have now.

Again, if you don't vote for Romney you are voting for Obama!

This is the most critical election of our grandchildren, children and our lives. Ladies and gentlemen: IT'S TIME TO FIRE THE LIAR!"

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