Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cancer as a metaphor for government

Our government is indeed a cancer. Up until 2008, it has been a slow-growing organism that will eventually kill us, but take many years to do so. The Obama administration is like a testicular cancer, or melanoma (appropriate in his case, don't you think?), which is a fast, raging disease that kills quickly.

Think about it, folks: in the past, our government had to at least give the appearance of legitimacy, going by the rules laid down in the Constitution, although it has found many ways to work around them. Now, however, it completely side-steps all rules that get in its way.

Harry Reid refuses to produce and pass a budget. He changes the operating rules of the Senate at his own whim. He refuses to allow legislation he deems undesirable to his personal agenda to even be voted upon by the members of the Senate.

Obama directs the Department of Justice (what an ugly oxymoron that is) to ignore properly created, passed and signed legislation (such as the Defense of Marriage Act), and writes Executive Orders to circumvent legislation that has been voted down, such as the "Dream Act" making citizens of millions of illegal aliens. The Border Patrol is directed to not arrest, detain, or deport illegal aliens they encounter. BATFE, via the Fast and Furious operation, sells American weapons to the Mexican drug cartels and then tries to blame gun store owners.

The Supreme Court not only determines if a law passed is Constitutional, it creates law by its decisions and majority opinions. (Since when is it right that the opinions of five fallible human beings should constitute the "law of the land" for 300 million Americans?)

Do you truly believe these 545 people are that much more intelligent than 300 million Americans? Even if they were (and they are not), would that give them the right to overrule what the rest of us want?

The system of voting for and electing representatives is corrupted by massive voter fraud, which the politicians currently in office want to perpetuate and grow by denying states the right to demand identification. So millions of illegals vote, millions of people vote more than once, and millions of people long dead vote as well.

Government has grown out of control. It began doing that since it was created, in every form it has taken throughout the history of mankind, but in our case it has been slow, like a prostate cancer that we old guys will pretty much all suffer from eventually, even though most of us will die of other causes before it is able to kill us (although, like government, it will still ruin our quality of life).

Now, however, it has taken the form of a swift and pervasive disease that will disable and mutilate us, make us suffer agony before it kills us. It will kill the old - via the mechanics of Obamacare and the panels which will decide if and when we will receive what little care is available to be doled out to us - and it will kill the youngest, in the form of abortion - including "partial" and even full-birth abortions, where a viable, living newborn baby is killed by the doctor delivering it. (Remember that, those of you who feel aborting a fetus is acceptable. Living, breathing, viable babies get aborted, too. That's a slippery slope that abortion has already slid down.)

Voting is like trying to kill individual cancer cells. Not effective at all. If it were actually possible to vote out every single incumbent (even the few decent ones like the Pauls, Broun, and Coburn), it might work, but the system works to prevent that solution. Radical surgery is required, however I just don't think it is going to happen, short of a complete upheaval or possibly another American Revolution. Even secession won't accomplish it, as the beast that is the Federal government will not permit it, anymore than it would in 1860 when South Carolina was the first to secede.

Obama, and the other tumors our government is riddled with, will kill this country. If we are able to remove that tumor from office, there might still be a slight chance of saving the patient. We are certain to die as a nation if he is given another four or more years to grow.

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  1. Good post. And those 545 people just think they are smarter than everyone else.

    I wonder if cancer cells think they are smarter than all the other cells? Do they realize they are killing the host? Do they realize when the host is dead so are they?

    The 545 don't get it because they are arrogant not intelligent. Your arrogance always expose your stupidity.



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