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Saturday, January 17, 2015

true muslims hate freedom

Earlier this evening, I wrote a post in which I mentioned "good" muslims, who so many people think are in the majority. I have tried to explain in the past the fact that many muslims practice taqqiya and kitman, forms of lying and deception that are expected of muslims, encouraged by the qu'ran and hadith. Taqqiya is lying and deception by saying that which isn't true, whereas kitman is lying and deception by omission, leaving out the truth, or telling only the part that helps the liar. With kitman there is no "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth". And allah - per mohammed, his prophet (piss be unto him)  - says this is acceptable behavior for a muslim dealing with unbelievers.

I just ran across a post on the DaleyGator blog site that I want to re-post here. It concerns the fact that many muslims - including your good neighbors who prove to you by their behavior that islam is not so bad - believe freedom, liberty, is a sin. That is goes against the words of the prophet mohammed (piss be unto him). That it goes against what the qu'ran tells all muslims they must do.

So, here a female former muslim, raised in the islamic culture, speaks with some gooood muslim women, the kind you've met who seem calm and caring, just plain good folks. muslims who would never hurt a fly, let alone you or your family, or any of the other infidels out there. You know, the unbelievers that the qu'ran demands all muslims either enslave or kill? The people that muslims are ordered to "strike their necks", as in beheading? Let them tell you themselves how they feel about freedom, and whether or not they can ignore the qu'ran:


Writing in The Independent, Yasmin Alibhai Brown, says they do
Things get even more complex when you think about freedom and Muslims. Muslims living in the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia or Turkey have no freedom to say what they think about the political system or the faith. Turkey imprisons more journalists than any other nation. Iran is the second-worst country for journalists and bloggers. In Pakistan people are tortured for blasphemy – often false charges trumped up to keep people in line.
Last Friday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Raif Badawi was dragged out of prison in shackles, brought in front of the mosque and flogged 50 times for “insulting Islam”. Imagine the scene: worshippers who had just finished praying to a merciful God then watched the merciless punishment. This will happen every week until he has been lashed a 1,000 times. He will also spend 10 long years in a Saudi prison. His body and mind will thus be shredded. Badawi, an activist, had started a website, the Liberal Saudi Network, and shared some of his perfectly reasonable views. For that he had to be punished so severely that no one would ever try to do the same again.
In Pakistan, Afghanistan, most central Asian states, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Libya, even “liberated” Iraq, people know they must not say what they think about their rulers or their imams, not even to neighbours or friends. The only choice is to conform and live, keep your boiling thoughts locked in your own head. Imagine the psychological consequences.
This supports my belief that maybe we should start referring to Radical Muslims as Totalitarians. Surely such a title fits, as they wish to control, and control totally, the lives, words, and deeds of everyone under their control. And, as the author of this piece points out, many Western Muslims who have the blessings of liberty, reject it
Large numbers of Western Muslims are disturbed by the rights and liberties they have inherited and sometimes reject them. Meanwhile Muslims who have never known real freedom yearn for, indeed die to get those same liberties and human rights. That gap between Muslims who have and don’t want and those who crave and can’t have grows bigger all the time. For too many British Muslims, familiarity breeds contempt for freedom. They talk about it not as a priceless entitlement but a peril, out-of-control hedonism and lasciviousness – as a sin. I find that deplorable.
After my book Refusing the Veil came out last year, some female Muslim acquaintances organised a soiree for me to read from it and discuss its contents. These were reasonable, educated women. Here are some of the comments made:
“Why did you have to write this; who gave you permission?”
“Even to think these thoughts is wrong, and you go and publish them? If you were in a Muslim country you would be in jail.”
“If your mother was alive she would have slapped you for writing this.”
When I replied that my mother refused the veil when she was 22, the woman came back: “Then I feel sorry for you. She was the sinner and she made you one too.”
“OK I have not read the book because it will dirty my pure thoughts, but if you are a Muslim, you follow Islamic rules without question. Are you even a Muslim?”
Go read the rest, it is disturbing, and sheds light on the very dark truth about Islam. Is Islam more about control than about anything else? It seems that way in too many cases. And, in truth, it is only Muslims that can change these realities. That so many are either too afraid, or too deeply indoctrinated by the teachings of radical Islam will make that very difficult.

So, there you have it. If you are a muslim, you follow islamic rules without question. That means ISIS must indeed be islamic. They certainly follow the commands of mohammed, the commands of the qu'ran and hadith. And, the lady openly implied that if you do not follow the islamic rules, you are not a muslim.

There is a fellow, a good author who I think is a libertarian (based on his books, anyway) named Michael Z. Williamson. I had a great deal of respect for him until, just a couple of days ago, I mentioned on Oleg Volk's blog site that ISIS was the perfect example of pure, orthodox islamic behavior. That the muslims in ISIS are following orthodox islam, to the letter - beheading ("strike their necks") killing Christians, beheading children, taking non-muslim women as "war brides" (mohammed told them it was OK) to use as sex slaves, or to sell like so much baggage, as what use to be called "war booty", back when pillaging was a way of life, and a way vandals and goths and mongols and all the other savages would finance their raiding and conquest. Rape and pillage were accepted back then, and muslims say it's what the qu'ran commands them to do even now, in the 21st century.

Well, I lost respect for Williamson, when, instead of arguing the point like an adult, he decided making an ad hominem attack was more fun, saying I was deranged. He claims that most muslims are great people, good neighbors, just that there are a nasty few "radical" muslims who give islam a bad name. I certainly didn't expect that sort of response from an apparent libertarian, but perhaps his libertarian tendencies are actually more at the liberal end of the spectrum than the conservative end. I think a lot of "Big-L" libertarians actually are. I never would have guessed he would side with Obama, claiming that most muslims are actually good people, and that the bad ones don't really follow islam.

Anyone who has paid attention, who has read the qu'ran and the hadith, or even just had the relevant sura from the qu'ran and examples and lessons from the hadith pointed out to them can see that it is the bad muslims, the violent, lying, raping, child molesting, killing muslims who actually are the true muslims, who follow the qu'ran and do what the prophet (piss be unto him) command them to do. The rest - the quiet, well-behaved, the "bring them home to meet mother" muslims are actually apostates, renegades who refuse to follow the qu'ran. Not in a simple, oh, I won't eat fish this Friday or I'll use birth control (Catholics), or I'll just have a couple of cups of coffee and a cigarette (LDS), kind of mis-behavior, but in the refusal to do the major things they are commanded to do: to avoid unbelievers, to refuse to socialize with them, to genitally mutilate their female children, to kill the infidels around them.

Sure, you say, if they did some of those things, they would go to jail, or at the very least be shunned, ostracized. That is where we get back to taqqiya and kitman. It is all right for them to hide their muslims culture and true beliefs from unbelievers. It is all right for them to socialize and act friendly. It has been noted in many other countries, though, that once there are enough "good" muslims in an area or community (think of the ghettos around Paris, where even the cops and firemen do not go), the mask comes off, and they show their true muslim behavior.

Look at their behavior in France and in England where there are communities with many thousands of muslims living in enclaves. Think of the honor killings of young muslim girls, the genital mutilation of infant girl children, the gang-rapes of non-muslim girls, who are then forced onto drugs and groomed to be used as prostitutes or to be passed around as sexual slaves amongst a bunch of muslim men. These things are all real, documented, and have even broken through into the MSM (which does its best to ignore such things).

The good muslims are mostly a myth. Oh, I realize there are a few who don't really follow the qu'ran but still identify as muslims. But any true muslim - like the lady in the article above - knows that they really aren't muslims, even if they came from a muslim family and culture and claim to be muslims. And the qu'ran - knowing them to be untrue to islam - says they are apostate and must be killed. islam hates "former" muslims even more so than infidels.

islam needs to be wiped out. Any of the muslims that refuse to stop being savages, who refuse to stop killing, raping, child molesting and the rest - basically, those who refuse to recant their muslim belief - need to go out along with the death cult that masquerades as a religion: islam. If they are willing to be kept in Coventry, sequestered on an island, for example, and made to remain there where they cannot hurt or damage anyone but themselves, I can see allowing them to do so - although I dread to think of the suffering of their wives and the children that they bear and raise in that diseased culture.

islam must be stopped once more. Not just at the Gates of Vienna, but everywhere they exist on this planet.

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