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Monday, January 19, 2015

What the Goooood muslims think

I truly do understand the concept of not condemning an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. I don't condemn all Hispanics because of illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America. I do however, condemn those who refuse to assimilate, who use the "system" to attack our culture, to derive benefits they are not (or should not be) entitled to, or who scream hatred for gringos, like the scum of La Raza - and the "gringo" professors, social workers, and other progressives who enable and support them.
I don't condemn blacks, as there are many who don't approve of the ones who game the system, who have developed a multi-generational culture of abuse of the welfare programs, who shout about slavery as if the currently living whites are responsible and owe them recompense. I do condemn those who race-bait, play the race card, who physically attack whites at random, who teach their children to hate "whitey", who rape and steal and burn and kill.
When I write about the twisted death cult, the make-believe religion, that is islam, I do condemn the entire group. There are those - Michael Z. Williamson comes most recently to mind - who have decided I am "deranged" for holding this opinion. Why would a normal well-balanced person with a healthy mind ever think that there is a problem with muslims in general? He, and many other progressives, believe that most muslims are actually good, decent neighbors, people who would never do the nasty things the jihadis do, that ISIS does, that so many muslims in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Malaysia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan (pretty much everywhere muslims live) have done to non-believers and even to each other. 
These self-deluded people, who want to believe there are good muslims everywhere who only want a quiet, decent life just as the rest of us do, ignore the facts. 
It is quite simple, really. If you are a real muslim, if you believe in islam and abide by its tenets, then you are a danger to everyone who is not also a muslim. If you simply call yourself a muslim, then it is possible you might not wish to enslave and/or kill all of the non-believers in the world. But, even then, your daughters are at risk of "honor killing", of genital mutilation, wives of being stoned to death, or at least beaten and abused when they do not do exactly as their husband orders them to do.
As I wrote in my recent post "true muslims hate freedom", the "good" muslims themselves say you shouldn't call yourself a muslim if you don't follow the qu'ran. We are talking here about the quiet, "good neighbor" muslims that Michael and others claim they know. "If you are a muslim, you follow islamic rules without question," is what these muslims will tell you.
Anyone who has investigated islam with any honesty has discovered that the qu'ran and the hadith command muslims to do all of the things that ISIS is currently doing. The killing of children, the raping,  enslavement, and selling of women, the burnings, the beheadings, and all of the rest. Obama claims ISIS isn't islamic. CAIR and other propaganda arms of islam pretend that islam is "the religion of peace". How difficult can it be to see that their actions contradict their words?
Yes, there are sura which direct muslims to live in peace with non-believers. However, for those of you unfamiliar with the qu'ran or what many of those who have studied islam and the qu'ran have written about it, there is a process in islam called abrogation. Basically, it means that parts of the qu'ran that are written later than earlier parts supersede those earlier writings. Even if they appear in the qu'ran before the earlier writings (it was not written in chronological order). So, while mohammed (piss be unto him) wrote at one time that allah commanded the faithful to be tolerant of other religions, tolerant of those who did not believe in islam, later he wrote that muslims must "strike the necks of unbelievers". That they should be killed.
When the qu'ran speaks of mercy, of charity, and other things that appear peaceful and compassionate, it is referring to dealing with believers, not non-believers. It admonishes muslims to stay apart from non-believers, to not befriend them. Now, obviously, some of them are quite friendly. However, these are people who - although they identify as muslims - really aren't muslims. They may still pray six times daily, prostrating themselves toward Mecca. They may still eat the proper foods and avoid those that are not. They may do other things that muslims are supposed to do, but if they do not follow most of the islamic rules the qu'ran demands that they follow, by their own "religion" they are not muslims, they are apostates, and the qu'ran command true muslims to kill them.
I contend that these people raised in the islamic culture but not truly believing islam, are not really muslims. As I've mentioned before in other posts, there are those who are lying, being deceptive, and are indeed true believers, but do not want non-believers to know. Further, based on what we see when they gather in the streets to celebrate the deaths of Jews. of Israelis, when they celebrate the deaths of American military, when they celebrate the fall of the Twin Towers (as they continue to do on the anniversaries of that obscenity) I contend that the majority of muslims are indeed true, orthodox muslims.
True, orthodox muslims are not fit to co-exist with the rest of us. They don't want to co-exist with the rest of us. Most of them, in all of the countries in the world where muslims live (but especially where they predominate, as in the Middle East and Malaysia), they wish to enslave and/or kill infidels, anyone who does not believe in islam and will not submit to islam (the literal translation of islam is "submission"). 
There is nothing that is good in orthodox islam. Any people who cling to it - including all of the muslims Westerners claim to be goooood muslims - are a threat. Any of them who wish to assimilate with us, who actually wish to co-exist with us, need to renounce islam for the obscene death cult that it is. They need to renounce "honor" killing of their daughters and sons who choose to assimilate, dress "Western", have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is not muslim. They need to renounce genital mutilation of their infant daughters (and don't whine to me about circumcision. Men who aren't circumcised have a much higher rate of infection and cancer, so there is a health basis beyond the cultural/religious reasons for it. Besides it does not deprive those who have been circumcised of feeling pleasure during sex, which is the intent of female genital mutilation). They need to renounce  the "marriage" of nine-year-old female children to adults, along with the rape of those children once they are "married". There are so many nasty, savage, disgusting practices required of those who follow islam that I cannot understand how a mentally healthy adult could wish to belong to that cult. Or how any mentally healthy adult would wish to be friends with a true muslim. (Listening Michael?)
So, if you want to be friends with Jamal, who just slashed the vulva of his three day old daughter with a razor blade to remove her clitoris so that she will not be able to take pleasure from sex, if you want to be friends with Fatima, who says it is right for muslim males to make sex slaves out of infidel women (who muslims wives will then beat and otherwise abuse when they become part of the household), if you want to help Mohammed rape his new nine year old "bride", you are as sick as they are. If you trust all of the "good" muslims, take a walk in the ghettos of Paris, in the muslim neighborhoods of England, Denmark, Netherlands, and even here in parts of America. Go have a nice visit with Boko Haram in Nigeria. See how well your muslim friends treat you when they are in the majority and don't have to keep up appearances, when they live where the cops refuse to go. See if the "good" muslims will run out to save your sorry ass when the real muslims come out to "strike your neck". I'll gladly pay your air fare. And I'll chuckle when I hear of your fate.
[Note: for those who are somewhat put off by my paraphrase "piss be unto him", I write that solely for the few muslims who might read these posts. Perhaps it is childish, but I admit to taking some enjoyment from the thought of either a true muslim or a muslim apologist reading that phrase. Sue me.]

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