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~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 2, 2019

Has the the Left manufactured a crisis? Will Trump be defeated by it?

In responding to a loyal Internet friend who stops by here to check for my sporadic submissions, I find myself motivated to skate around the fringe of "conspiracy theory". Allow me to state right up front that there are indeed many such that are made up of whole cloth, that belong on the pages of the supermarket publications that try to catch your eye in the check-out line, yet some do hold a fragment of the truth.

Consider this for a moment: what if these "newspapers" and magazines are being paid to present a theory that is true in order to cause most of us to immediately disregard it? Think of a"dossier" whose creation was made possible by a fervent desire to unseat a sitting President, a cabal of Deep State actors who hold that desire, a very large sum of money provided by a sworn enemy of America who has been financing a tremendous assault upon our southern national border, and the subversion of due process and our system of justice, our rule of law by the aforementioned.

Does it seem a bit strange that we are seeing a larger number of mass shootings in such a short time-frame, when these things normally happen in random spurts of insanity, in local events, and in fewer numbers? Have we not also seen some of these shootings, such as the Tucson shooting where Giffords was wounded, was targeted by a left-leaning mental case?

I believe there are too many mass shootings occurring in such a short time span for them to have happened without assistance from the Left. I believe they have been engineered and set into motion to force President Trump into a corner, forcing him to seriously consider not simply a condemnation of the shootings, but to "do something" - to push for further gun control, right at the start of his campaign for re-election.

Permit me to posit a number of interesting facts along with some suppositions:

The Left, as represented by various Democrat presidential contenders, Deep State actors, loud and illogical Congressional freshwomen (not being politically correct here, simply aiming for a particular group), and various other political rabblerousers in the media and at large, have all made it very plain they want our legally and properly elected President removed from office. This is an unassailable fact, which even the Left itself would support.

The President, due to these mass shooting incidents, is being advised by his people and those on the Left to "do something" - a catch phrase used by politicians which usually is equivalent to the desire to be seen as responding, but via the restriction of someone's unalienable rights.

I've been around for almost seven decades, and thanks to such events as the Vietnam War, the social upheaval of the "Sixties", and the later evolution of the Web through "bulletin boards" and now not only the Internet in general, but through "social media", I have been politically conscious for a good portion of the time involved in those changes. It was a long and relatively slow process, during which my social evolution exhibited a change mentioned (via attribution, at least) by Sir Winston Churchill:

"If you are in your twenties, and are not a liberal, you have no heart. If you are in your fifties and are not a conservative, you have no brain."

This evolution of consciousness was aided by the fact that the Fabians (precursors to today's Left, whose agenda included taking over teacher's colleges and training generations of teachers to think and teach in the dialectic of the Left) had not yet completely taken over our system of education at the time I attended high school in New York. This was, believe it or not, a school which did its best to teach its pupils to think. To learn and use logic. To reason out the truth through the use of critical thinking, which was taught as an actual course, offered and taken by many of us in our senior year. 

So, here we have a number of incidents, occurring so close together as to be happening at approximately the same time, politically, at least. Happening as the Left was running an incredible number of Democrat candidates for the Presidency through their paces, almost as a "shotgun effect". Instead of actually targeting the process and their platform with one or two individuals who represented the Left's that platform, they have thrown a large number of candidates - all socialists, if not outright communists, like Bernie Sanders - against the wall to see who might stick.

All of those candidates are anti-Second Amendment. Several of them openly stated they wanted to dismantle the Second Amendment, remove its protection of the right to keep and bear arms, stating that they would confiscate some or all of the weapons owned by many millions of Americans, weapons that Americans have a right to own and carry. A right that should be unassailable, but which has actually been attacked for much of the history of government in America.

Another fact: many millions of Americans, especially those who cherish the protection provided by the Second Amendment, consider that right a go-no go gauge of a candidate for the office of the Presidency. George H.W. Bush is considered to have lost his bid for a second term in office because he willingly assisted in the addition of more gun control legislation during his first term, in spite of having campaigned as a supporter of the Second Amendment. Many of us Americans refused to vote for him because of this.

The Left is certainly quite aware of this fact. So, I repeat my premise: I believe there are too many mass shootings occurring in such a short time span for them to have happened without assistance from the Left. I believe they have been engineered and set into motion to force President Trump into a corner, forcing him to seriously consider not simply a condemnation of the shootings, but to "do something" - to push for further gun control, right at the start of his campaign for re-election.

I have read a number of comments, in a variety of venues, wherein staunch conservatives have stated they will not vote for Trump if he helps create and pass further gun control. The passage of a new regulation by BATF banning "bump-fire" stocks, which was supported by Trump, was considered a "warning shot". Further gun control - especially "Red Flag" legislation, which removes due process from any citizen accused by almost anyone, without fact or warrant, which gives law enforcement the power to confiscate all of his firearms - would be deemed by conservatives as proof that Trump cannot be trusted, that he has failed to support his own word that he would defend the Second Amendment. 

The loss of those millions of votes, especially when compounded by the repeat of the voter fraud perpetrated by the Left in the last (and prior) elections may very well spell the end of America. If Trump loses, a socialist will be elected. A socialist who has already admitted they will seek confiscation of our firearms. A socialist who will work to insure that our government becomes a tool of the Left, run by the Democrats as their puppets. If the Democrats are able to take over the government, this will indeed be the last election ever held in America. This country, which was given the opportunity to create a place on Earth where freedom and justice could live and grow, will have died. "Democratic" Socialism - aka tyranny - will rule from then on. 


  1. Sage observations, as always, Reg.

    I have no prediction on what the results of the election next year will be, however, regarding this comment, "A socialist who has already admitted they will seek confiscation of our firearms", here is one admission that proves your observation correct, the candidate is irrelevant, the end result is the focus for them.


    As for the shootings, I agree with you, these are being created and manipulated to produce the end result of a mass confiscation with the "red flag" laws as their foundation, which will lead to censorship of blogs such as yours, WRSA, and others, to "protect society".


    The gov knows who you and I are, and all of the others of like mind, that discuss events and possibilities from ther after effects of such events, and for them to claim an ERPO would be no hindrance, I offer this analysis as a very real possibility of the near future.


    Stay safe, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Grog. I appreciate your input, as always. I haven't the slightest doubt that my posts here and on various other blogs and web sites have been noted and recorded. Not because I am a threat or have a following, but simply because they can. If and when they deem me enough of an irritation that they wish to either shut me up or remove me, I am certain they can cobble together an edited version of my statements of dissatisfaction with our government and its many corrupt individuals sufficient to detain and or imprison me. Laws such as Karl commented on would make it even easier, as a written assault is as viable a tool as a face-to-face verbal assault. No "batteries" required :-)

    Wish I could remember the name of the book, written by a Canadian ten or twenty tears ago, wherein the main character was a teacher who was quite voluble about corruption in their government. The PTB decided to make an example of them, so they accused him of being in possession of child pornography, going so far as to hack his home computer and hard drives with actual photos and videos, and then procured a warrant for his arrest. Of course, choosing that crime to tag him with separated him from any help he would otherwise have gotten from family or friends. No shelter, no assistance, not even simply the willingness to believe him over the government and the (complicit) media. Inagine how devastating that would be. How it is one of the crimes wherein you are judged guilty and must prove your innocence - though few will believe it even when you do. At the very least, it will plant a nasty seed of doubt in the minds of most people, even old friends who would support you against almost any other charge made by the government and/or law enforcement agencies.

    It makes me paraphrase that saying about "Those who the gods would destroy, they first make mad" as, "Those whom the government would destroy, they first make vile."

    The Left knows that censorship is actually the most potent weapon in their arsenal. So did our Founding Fathers, which is why the First is first. The Second was made second because if the First is destroyed, or significantly weakened, if we cannot speak of our issues with government, if we cannot assemble via the Internet or the soapbox in the town square, then we have no other way to seek redress, or to force a cessation of hostilities.

    The battle next year will be determined by how much information can reach people in the face of the control of social media by Google, Twitter, FaceBook, etc., as well as how massive and successful voter fraud will be with the Left pulling out all the stops. Not only through counting illegal alien votes, hacking the electronic voting machines, and vote harvesting, but also through such stratagems as some states not allowing a vote for Trump if he doesn't expose his financials, or doesn't meet some other criterion for that state, or the states which will declare they will not participate in the electoral college, or will demand that their electoral representative vote as the state wishes, instead of how they are required to vote.

    THEN, even if the electoral college does indeed call it for Trump. there will be widespread rioting in the streets in places like Portland, OR, in Baltimore, DC and elsewhere. TDS will cause massive unrest among the Left. If we thought the hue and cry bad in 2016, just imagine how many on the Left will be insane with anger if he is elected again. I expect extreme vandalism, and violence against anyone who is obviously a Trump supporter. As the Chinese have said, we will be living in interesting times.

  3. Funny thing, I think I am experiencing some of that censorship right now - or it could simply be paranoia. For the past two days, I have been unable to access FB. Not just my timeline, but any at all. Not even the FB.com home page. I've asked several friends if this is how FB jail is administered, but haven't heard back from them yet. I can live without FB, but I have grown used to the sharing of info with family and friends (and the public, because I've got it set for public viewing). Most of it political, but with the occasional puppy or kitten photos, especially for my sister.

    Anyway, I hope you are not experiencing these issues, too. Thanks for hanging in here and stopping by to check every so often.

  4. To clarify, friends have told me this is not the way FaceBook jail works, but could well be how being _blocked_ works. Facebook has me listed as an "extremely conservative" person. Well, they finally got something right. Now, if the Mother Zucker who runs it decides to block conservative voices (writing), we will simply have to develop another way of getting the message out. Hopefully, we will be able to make the message from Firefly come true: "the signal can't be stopped".

  5. You're welcome, Reg.

    It does appear that the bookface has labeled you, as you've described it. I've heard similar stories about conservatives getting the shadow ban or censorsed, I was told the other day of a picture on the bookface that was from a twitter account, the caption was "kill all white people", the person reported it and was told that the picture doesn't "violate the community standards" and if this isn't socialist nothing is.

    I have no reservations that the bookface Z will eventually outright ban conservatives, but there are conservative alternatives, such as Gab, that are friendy to those of us who think this way, it's already halfway there.

  6. I fully expect it to happen in 2020, with farcebook, gargle, and twit either totally blocking conservatives, or blocking/shadow banning particular areas where they do not want contrarian ideas read by the public. They will do a full-court press, I'm sure, running every scam, fake news, and the manipulation of the election via totally false polls, spinning the tweets or other utterances of Trump as nasty as they are able to spin them, and in general, fraudulently attempting to influence voters, voter turnout, and run all of the various illegal moves they have made before, but with greater intensity, and greater effect.

    Yes, the hypocrisy of the Left is almost beyond belief, but as I've said before, that is one of their defining characteristics. It certainly won't get any better, but hopefully we will gain so many Democrats and independent voters that Trump will get elected once more. That being said, I do expect the Left sees 2020 as a make-or-break election, and their skill at voter fraud, miscounts, and harvested votes may very well cause Trump to lose the election. If that does come to pass, I hope that Trump and the Republican party are willing to do what is necessary to correct the situation.

  7. Grog, there was one other thing I meant to mention: I read that MeWe was a good place to go, instead of farcebook. However, when I read their terms and conditions, signing up required you to make your entire "Friends" list accessible to them. That may already be the case with FB, but in any case I didn't want to make that mistake twice. Having my own personal info up for grabs is one thing, but voluntarily giving MeWe that right with my friends' info was too much for me to accept. I need to check with Gab and see if that is one of their conditions.

  8. I've not heard of MeWe, which means nothing, chuckling. The rules for Gab are enough to give one pause when really reading them, however given the compulsion of so many people to utilize "legal" means to excuse their lack of manners and/or MYOB, that's not surprising.

    On a related note, not specifically gun control, this was reported today.


    The "judge" has no idea, I'm guessing, how prophetic his words are, because of the decision he made.

  9. Good morning, Reg, no doubt you have been following the debacle that is the "impeachment" attempt, which is actually an effort to remove Pres Trump from office because he is getting ready to pull back the curtain on the corruption in deecee, as one example is below.


    The slow roll is getting quicker, hold on to your hat.


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