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Friday, June 10, 2011

Department of Justice? Hardly.

Andrew Breitbart presents another expose of Big Government: AG Holder's support for "his people" has led to his permitting DOJ to be used for the most egregious example of reverse discrimination of which I have ever heard. I am talking about the case of Dayton, Ohio's exams for firefighter/paramedic. Breitbart's story explains the further travails and search for real justice of Dayton's city government.

I have never, in my varied medical and law enforcement careers, had any problem whatsoever when a minority individual who was as competent as I was chosen for a position over me. When I first tested for a position at the California Highway Patrol, I was #1 of the top three applicants, but a young black man who was third was hired instead. I did not fight it, did not even comment negatively upon it. I simply accepted it, not because of any ridiculous "white guilt" over what others had done to black people in the past, but because he was a young man trying to get a good job and improve his position in life, and I felt it was the employer's right to hire who they chose. As it turned out, he did not make his year's probation and CHP contacted me to see if I was still interested, at which time I was hired, spending over ten years employed by them.

What I do have a problem with - always have and always will - is when less competent or incompetent individuals are hired for positions where there are applicants much more competent and/or experienced for those positions. That happened when I applied for a position at the San Diego Sheriff's Department, back in 1982. I was informed by a friend working in Personnel at the County of San Diego that the SD had reached down below over 120 applicants better qualified simply in order to fill positions with minorities. I never discovered whether this was due to a Federal mandate connected to Federal funds, or whether it was a misguided effort on the part of the Sheriff's Dept. itself.

This situation in Dayton, OH is even worse. DOJ is trying to force them to hire "African-Americans" specifically. Ones that are not even competent to do the job, who can't even read and write with sufficient skill, to which the bigots (yes, reverse discrimination is bigotry, too) at DOJ replied that in their "experience" firefighters and paramedics didn't need to be able to write. Talk about ignorance. Not just of the failed applicants, but of these yahoos at DOJ.

Even worse, it was not sufficient that other minorities would be acceptable to Dayton, it had to be African-Americans. Does this nail Holder's bias on the head or doesn't it? Got to protect "his people", just as he openly admitted. What next? Will Obama and Holder decide to make Ebonics our national language? They obviously do not support diversity. There is no diversity in demanding that only African-Americans are acceptable. Leaves out all the Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, etc. does it not?

Here is Breitbart's article. Read it and weep. Then dry your eyes, and get angry. Get motivated. And if the Republican Party throws away the election in 2012 as they did in 2008, get armed (if you aren't already.) You are going to need to be if you wish to survive four more years of an Obama with nothing to lose.

[Damn. I meant to include a h/t to Honourable Means at his blog, The Bonnie Blue Blog , where I first read this update on the Dayton situation.]

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  1. Every time I think it can't get any more corrupt up there, it does. The DOJ had dropped any remnants of "justice" and become the department of "get backs" or "get evens" If you're the preferred minority you can get back at the "oppressors".

    Justice is not the same thing as revenge. Someone needs to tell these people they're driving race relations back a hundred years.


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