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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Almost funny, but true nonetheless

Jerusalem: An lllustrative Comparative Study of Scholastic Reality

And for those who might try to weasel on this, it means there is no mention of Jerusalem by any name or in any manner in the Quran. Period. The only thing "holy" about Jerusalem in Islam is their desire to steal it from the Israelis (and Christians as well) in order to harm Jews and Christians. But especially Jews. BTW, for those who might not have heard, the muslims have been destroying Jewish archeological structures and remains under the Dome ever since they took over control of that site.

Taking Jerusalem over piecemeal - as they have been doing with Israel itself - until they can kick the Jews out altogether is their agenda. Unless that rare bird, the Great Red-breasted muslim-lover, B. Hussein Obama, helps them take it all in one bite.

Up until now, I hadn't been able to decide whether it is Obama or Carter who hates the Jews more. I believe Carter might have been more open about it, at least until Obama reversed U.S. policy to stab Israel in the back by trying to get them to return Israel to the 1967 borders - where Israel was nine miles wide. But now B. HusseinO has made it obvious by that declaration that the destruction of Israel is on his agenda, as well as Iran's. The Man is evil.

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