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Saturday, June 11, 2011

the Washington Post and the rotting corpse of journalism

I put down Stephen King's latest book without finishing it when I read, out of order, his afterword in which he whines that Sarah Palin is wacky because she believes in the concept of "death panels" springing from Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act (or whatever the hell the "real" name is.) These liberals are so afraid of Palin because she challenges all of their misconceptions with easily discernible truth and logic.

If they paid attention to the state of the British National Health System - which Obamacare is modeled on - they would see that rationed care forces the system to limit the care available to us old folks who are no longer "viable, useful, productive" members of society. In Britain, if you are over fifty and can't afford private health care, you will be refused dialysis. Even if it means you will die, as many Brits needing dialysis do die, where they would live if they were being treated in our current healthcare system. Hell, prisoners in jail for life without parole can get dialysis in this country. Right now, at least. What do you want to bet they will continue to get it even when Obamacare fires up and your grandmother (my contemporary ;-) is denied?

So, these liberal fools - are you listening, Stephen? - can't help themselves. They attack Sarah Palin every chance they get, crowing about her "mistakes" and supposed ignorance, only to discover she was correct and they were wrong, as with the whole Paul Revere thing. He did indeed warn the British, trying to trick them into thinking more Minutemen were coming to fight than actually could get there.

Now the Washington Post has openly discarded any attempt at even appearing to possess any journalistic integrity, and is asking its readers to help them find something to harass Palin with, to damage her reputation. Talk about slime.

The Sarah Palin email adventure...

Through the freedom of information act, several organizations forced the
State of Alaska to release almost 25,000 emails associated with Sarah
Palin's time as Governor of Alaska.

The washington post is asking readers to help them dig through the
emails to find anything that may be scandalous or in anyway newsworthy.
This is really sad. It shows that the washington post is a very biased and
extremely desperate piece of crap.

I can't ever remember a "media" outlet going to such extremes to try
and dig up dirt on an American Citizen. And at this point, that is
what Sarah Palin is. She isn't a candidate for President, Vice President,
Senator or even dog catcher. She is just a regular person like me and you.

So what will happen if they don't find anything they can twist into dirt?
Do you think they will apologize to Palin? That will never happen, ever.
If this attempt fails they will find some other tactic to try and gather their dirty laundry.

The washington post is pathetic. One would think that what is supposed
to be a professional news organization would be able to better conceal
their irrational fears of a strong, intelligent Conservative Woman. But
they can't, they are completely out of their minds over Sarah Palin.
They are so desperate to find something, anything, to slow down
the momentum Sarah Palin is building that they are willing to sink to
even lower levels than the media has ever been to. And that's saying alot.
The media of the last few years have proven that they will lie, steal
and cheat for obama and his socialist agenda.

One of our most basic rights is freedom of the press.
The FIRST Amendment -
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom
of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably
to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
In this day and age, that must mean that the press is free from telling
the truth and free to kiss the ass of democrats in general and obama
specifically whenever and however they want.

Journalism is dead. It has been since the "media" gave obama a pass
on every single issue. Since they refused to report the facts about a
candidate that was unqualified and worse, had ties to some of the most radical
and dangerous people in chicago. Journalism died when the media decided
to tell us what they wanted us to hear instead of the truth.

These scumbags aren't worthy of digging through Sarah Palin's septic tank,
much less official emails of her time as Governor...

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