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~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 27, 2011

One Double Standard, Coming Right Up

Those few folks who know me have an idea how I feel about anti_Semitism, and the Jews. It's possible I might have mentioned coming close to strangling my ex mother-in-law (while she was still my m-i-l) when she stated that the Jews got what they deserved in the Holocaust. She is representative of much of the Left, as they claim to be compassionate and caring, claim to be supportive of minorities, but are strangely silent - including even "Progressive" Jews - when the subject is anti-Semitism, or Israel.
[Ed. note: the m-i-l had had enough to drink that night to speak to how she really felt about her Jewish "friends". Would you be surprised to discover her parents were German?]

Here recently, it has become known that Saudi Arabia refuses to let Jews, or anyone who has ever gotten a stamp on their passport in Israel, into Saudi Arabia. They have admitted it is illegal to be in Saudi Arabia if you are a Jew. Apparently, Delta Airlines is cooperating with Saudi Arabia on this, as they continue to fly their aircraft there, in spite of the obvious racist, anti-Semitic behavior of that country.

Where is the outcry from the Left? Where are the shouts of racism, the condemnation of Saudi Arabia for its racist refusal to admit Jews into their country? Could it be that the Left only plays the race card when it is a race of which they approve? Or is it simply that there is no benefit to them from playing the Jewish race card, so it doesn't get played? That they really have no love for the minorities they pretend to care about, but only use the accusation of racism to assault those they dislike, without any true concern for the minorities involved?

As this article points out, the Israelis not only allow people of all races, creeds and nationalities to live in Israel, they even have Arabs, muslims, in their legislature, the Knesset. As opposed to countries such as Saudi Arabia, where it is illegal to be Jewish, let alone a citizen, let alone a participant in government.

What do we hear from the Left about this? Nothing. Silence. Yet, were Israel to ban the presence of muslims within Israel - which they have excellent reason to do, given the number of Israelis killed and maimed by muslims - the Left would be screaming its invective, calling Israel racist, inhumane, cruel and unjust, demanding they be invaded by U.N. troops and brought to heel.

I guess that makes the Left the poster child for hypocrisy. But, we knew that, didn't we? We knew that those elites who utilize the Left, the Progressive movement, to advance their aims are willing to say anything, do anything, to forward their agenda. Including using minorities - who they really don't care about - as a front for creating socialism in America. Oh, they love minorities, all right. When they are nannies, chauffeurs, gardeners, and servants. When they are voters willing to keep the Democrats who serve the Left in power. Just don't invite them to the country club. Well, maybe a few caddies and a token golf pro.


  1. 1. On the plus side, Delta is now offering a nifty yellow cloth Mogen David / Star of David that all Jewish passengers can wear to other destinations so that people can avoid touching them. Plus they are offering Frequent Flyer coupons with an adorable swastika hologram on them. And for the kiddies, little plastic toys made in the likeness of Zyklon-B canisters.

    I do hope that everyone has written to the gd mf pos folks at Delta to let them know how much we appreciate their kindness.

    2. This whole issue could be resolved peacefully if someone would simply nuke every raghead hellhole in the Middle East, except for using daisy cutters anywhere near Israel to avoid ruining things for our friends there.
    Poof. No more problems. Oh, and gas would be about twenty cents a gallon again. Win/ win.

  2. I have fantasized about driving the few hundred miles involved in getting to the Great Falls, MT missile silos. It would be worth dying, or dying in prison, to be able to lay one right on the Kaaba in Mecca. If they are MIRV'd, I feel certain a desirable home could be chosen for each and every warhead.

    A waste of time, imagining something that will never happen, but it does help to lower my blood pressure when I visualize it, especially after reading the latest atrocity in Paki-stan or Afghani-stan, or the rapes in Oslo and elsewhere.


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