Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, July 4, 2011

Declaration of Separation

Happy Fourth of July to all. As a number of bloggers have written, the 4th is the day to celebrate not the Constitution, but our stated intent to separate from Great Britain as thirteen independent states. States which eventually joined in a loose confederation, but then made the mistake of writing a Constitution establishing a Federal government. As beautiful as the Constitution is, for what it tried to be, it has been either perverted (as with the Commerce Clause) or ignored (as the 4th Amendment currently is treated), and is not truly what we should be reflecting on when we celebrate the 4th of July.

The web site zerogov.com has a post for the 4th entitled:

Happy Fourth of July: A Declaration of Separation

It is a lovely document, which I hope you will read, digest, and then pass on to all and sundry. In thanking its author for writing it, it occurred to me that there must be an opposite, a converse to "separation anxiety". I came up with the term "separation sangfroid". As our government has become fully inimical to those precepts, those principles, which this country was founded upon, I am fully in favor of separation from it. I revel in the thought of removing myself from its grasp, through secession, rebellion, or whatever it might take.

However, I remain a coward. I do not have the will to march out and directly confront Leviathan. I will certainly resist as I can, and give up my life if it seeks to batter down my door and arrest me, as it did with Jose Guerena and Randy Weaver and David Koresh (and also at Waco, David Thibodeaux - no relation that I am aware of ;-) Perhaps it is wise for me to be a coward, but, wise or not, as enraged as I am about the abuses so many have suffered at the hands of law enforcement, I cannot bring myself to start the dance.

As an older man, 60+, not in the best of shape physically and medically, I will never be able to become a guerilla in the field, but there are certainly other ways in which I can fight and in which I can support those who are guerillas, or who become them. This I am quite willing to do. Due to certain life experiences I have had - including having been misdiagnosed with cancer at one point - I find myself without any great fear of death, or imprisonment. I see this as working to my benefit. When the time comes to more actively resist those who have been depriving us of our freedom, the only fear I believe I will experience will be a fear of not making the theft of my life as dear as I possibly can. A fear of not being able to take more than one or two of the thugs along with me.

If I could indeed separate from those who wish to harm me, or to control me (redundant, I know), I would do so, instantly. But I know that being free in my heart, declaring my separation from those who would control me, is not the same as being separate (btw, Randy Weaver was not a white supremicist, he was a white separatist, a man who merely wished to live apart from those he did not like.) I am not bloodthirsty, but having seen how badly some of us have been treated by our government, by law enforcement, by petty bureaucrats wielding far more power and control than they should be able to wield, I wish to make their offenses as expensive as possible to them. I want to be responsible for ending the activities of as many of those tyrants as possible, but without striking preemptively, only striking in defense of myself and those I love. That is my intent.

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  1. Well said, and I'm right there with you.

    My lean, mean and fast days (if there ever were any) are long gone. I will have to find other ways to be useful.


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