Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 22, 2011

It Can’t (Could) Happen Here

This is a recurrent theme, because it is so deeply ingrained in our thinking that America will never suffer the depredations of a breakdown of society, of civilization and civilized behavior. Although we have indeed seen it in microcosm, in the riots in Watts and elsewhere, most people deny that it could ever become the norm of our society. They believe the wealth and the technology and the strength of our culture would never permit us to sink to the level of places like Somalia, Bangladesh, Ruwanda, the former Yugoslavia, etc.

As Steve McCann said in a recent article on the American Thinker web site,

"Overwhelming peace and prosperity, over the past many decades, has sown the seeds that will lead to rapid erosion in the American way of life. As the United States has not experienced a major national catastrophe in over 146 years, coupled with no significant economic hardships since 1940, the view across the landscape as far as the mind's eye chooses to see is of never-ending affluence and freedom from strife.

With this perspective in mind, it is easy to believe, as human nature would choose to do, that there will always be an

unlimited source of wealth and with that wealth the country should be obligated to see to it that no citizen, as a factor of

residency, suffers any hardship. It is a belief easily exploited by the Left as a means of obtaining sufficient votes to

acquire and retain power. But this conviction is also the foundation of American socialist dogma for those who revel in

the self-importance and superiority that attaches itself to this errant philosophy.

It is of little personal sacrifice to espouse Marxist/socialist theory while doing so in a comfortable environment provided

by the entrepreneurship and wealth creation of others. But the key to this mindset is the deep-seated belief that there is

no end to the prosperity the United States creates, regardless of the increasingly heavy hand of government. It is only a


His article, _American Denial_, details the how and why of the inability of many in our country to understand, to believe, that it could indeed happen here, that we could end up with America as another failed political experiment, an experiment that began with such greatness, such promise. It is brief but important. Please give it a look.

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