Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 8, 2011

Is this the end of our Republic?

Folks, I certainly hope you are paying attention. Oh, I don't mean to me, necessarily, but to what is going on in this country. As I have written about before, the misuse of the Commerce Clause in the Constitution, the complicity of the Supreme Court in permitting law enforcement to ignore the Fourth Amendment, the rise of a police state, where law enforcement can kill innocent citizens without consequence or even approbation, and the planned, intentional destruction of our economy by the present administration (aided and abetted by prior administrations to be sure, but wildly accelerated by this one) are all conspiring to end our Republic as it was intended to be.

Recently, a weak and cowardly Republican Party has been pretending to stand firm against TVOTT (The Voice Of The Teleprompter) by refusing to agree to a raise in the debt ceiling. Boner (Boehner) has acted as if he will refuse to agree to any raise unless there are concomitant cuts in spending and no new taxes. This sounds good until you stop to think that any rise in the debt ceiling supersedes any spending cuts. If significant spending cuts were agreed to, there would be no reason, no need, to raise the debt ceiling. Claiming to approve spending cuts and then raising the debt ceiling is tantamount to simply continuing to spend more than you have.

While Ryan's offerred budget is still way short of what is needed to start this country on the road back to solvency, it at least stops the increased debt that TVOTT and the rest of the Democrats wish to impose upon us and our children and grandchildren. That is the absolute minimum that should be acceptable at this time, and still falls short of what we must do. However, it appears that Boner is more likely to sell us out once again (his usual M.O.), compromising away what this country needs to keep afloat, economically.

Now, however, we learn that TVOTT is talking about sidestepping the Constitution once more, utilizing a novel - and false - interpretation of the 14th Amendment to increase the debt ceiling. Even if you were to accept his misuse of the wording and its intent, the 14th states "the validity of the public debt . . . shall not be questioned." It says nothing about the validity of increasing the public debt, which is what Obama and the Democrats want to do. Please read the linked article and consider the ramifications of what is being discussed.

It appears that this President (TVOTT) feels he can do whatever he wants, and justify it by either ignoring or "creatively" interpreting our Constitution. Consider this thought: what will stop him from interpreting the Constitution and the emergency powers granted the office of the President in deciding that it is in the best interests of America to not have elections in 2012? Do you really believe it is simply paranoia to consider that he might decide to have agents of this government create some sort of false flag incident or emergency such that he can suspend the normal election process? Considering what he has already done to cripple this country's economic status, confiscate and nationalize private industry (General Motors), force governmental control of the entire healthcare system, and involve us in foreign wars without following due Constitutional process? Is that a bet you feel safe making?

I sincerely hope I am wrong. I sincerely hope I will not be telling friends (listening Todd?), family, and those few who read my scribblings "I told you so." I would much prefer to be thought a fool when 2013 arrives and it hasn't happened. Let us also hope America doesn't find itself on the wrong side of a stolen election, as the people of Iran suffered when Ahmadinejad was "elected" president. Suffice it to say that I truly believe there is little that Obama would not do to advance his personal agenda of transforming America into a socialist state.

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