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Friday, July 22, 2011

SOLD: And the Evil Continues

If there are any liberals that still peek at my blog from time to time - that includes some of my Democratic relatives, who I love in spite of their choice in political philosophy - stop for a moment and consider how you feel when I rave (I'm sure that is how you view it) about the dangers of Islam. How bigoted it sounds, how unfair and ill-informed I present when I talk about the evils of muslim belief in the ideology called Islam.

I have written of the abuses that muslim women suffer at the hands of their husbands and relatives before now. I have spoken of the rapes and slavery experienced by non-muslim females at the hands of the true followers of Islam and Shari'a. Well, my friends and my liberal readers, here is another article that will allow you to see that perhaps I am not quite as far off-base as you might believe: http://frontpagemag.com/2011/06/23/egypt-christian-girls-kidnapped-and-‘sold’/

Please, do yourselves a favor. Stop for a moment and allow yourself to believe for this brief span of time that this news story could be true. That there is reason and logic to the story that permits us to consider it might be true, might have actually happened. Then consider how you would feel if indeed this story is true. Hold that thought.

Extend that to how you would feel if you discovered that this happens many, many times, that the Quran and the Hadith and the Sura all tell the true believers of Islam that it is acceptable to kidnap and use non-muslim children and young women as sex slaves. Consider the article I posted a while back where a muslim female who had been a legislator in Kuwait wrote and suggested it would be a good thing to make a regular practice of this use of non-muslim female children and young women to keep muslim men "safe" from doing improper things to gratify their sexual needs.

Can you hold that thought long enough to see how evil this practice would be if it indeed happens? Can you think for a moment of how you would feel if it were your children who were kidnapped and then condemned to a short and brutish life as a sex slave, a mere object which could be beaten and abused at will, the will of an old muslim pervert? Perhaps also beaten by his wives, who resent a young object of his sexual desire?

Bad things happen in this world. Thankfully, for the most part, as frequent as they sometimes are, they are actually isolated incidents that occur without planning, without any sort of schedule or regularity. Then consider a situation where some of the nastiest of these bad things are actually institutionalized, planned, encouraged, accepted, and taught as proper by a large group of people who see these bad things as their due, see the evil as their right. Who see you and your children as an acceptable target for their lust and their hate.

Then tell me how wrong I am to be critical of Islam. How wrong I am to profile muslims as less than worthy of our love, our consideration, our support. How wrong I am to view them as the waste of oxygen they truly are.

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