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~ Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, December 3, 2011

More photos of muslim sex slaves

It's late and I'm feeling silly after seeing BillyBob's post at Hell On Earth showing photos of some lady hogs for any muslims that might wander onto his web site.

Well, we all know that a muslim would never touch a pig. While I have seen video of muslims utilizing donkeys for sex, it is my understanding that goats are the preferred partner if a young beardless boy is not available. So, for those few muslims who might wander onto my blog, here is some goat porn for your enjoyment.

The first is a young Nubian. Hmm. Nubia was in Africa, wasn't it? Not too far from home, eh? The one on the left in the next photo is either La Mancha, or a La Mancha cross. La Manchas are earless. Can't imagine someone breeding for an earless goat, but there you are. (Do muslims grab the ears when they get started? Is that why they prefer Nubians?) The third photo is of a Toggenburg, a goat that used to be common in Switzerland, along with the Saanens and Alpines, I believe.

I used to raise Toggenburgs. Calm, easy to milk, good mothers, easy keepers all around. Clean, chilled goat's milk is sweeter and better - IMO - than cow's milk. Making various cheeses from their milk was easy and fun. My wife kept and raised goats, too. If we ever settle down and stop traveling, we'd like to get a few again. If I see a muslim within 600 yards of my goats, he's toast.

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