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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Want to be an Internment/Resettlement Specialist? GO ARMY!

OK. There is no way I can post this without someone twirling their finger next to their head and proclaiming, "I always knew Reg was a wing-nut, Right-wing whacko." I mean, let's face it - resettlement camps in the United States of America? Can you imagine the U.S. government ever doing something that bizarre? Next thing you know, whack jobs like Reg will be claiming you could get thrown into a camp simply because of your religion or your ethnicity. That you could be rounded up and put in a camp simply because you were Jewish, like the Germans did, or Japanese like the - who did that? Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Wasn't he one of our President's?

Yeah, it has happened here before. There are still Japanese-Americans (who simply thought of themselves as Americans) alive who spent time in internment camps, put there simply because they were of Japanese descent. Old men, old women, young men, young women, children and babies. Not because of anything they had done. Not even because of anything they were suspected of having done. Simply because of their ethnicity.

[At the time, Executive Order 9066 (by FDR) was justified as a "military necessity" to protect agaist domestic espionage and sabotage. However, it was later documented that, "our government has in its possession proof that not one Japanese American, citizen or not, had engaged in espionage, not one had committed any act of sabotage." Michi Weglyn, 1976.]

Here is the hook for this post: the U.S. Army is hiring people for the position of Internment/Resettlement Specialist (31E). Go to goarmy.com/careers-and-jobs. Don't take my word for it. Use the link or look it up yourself. Here is one of the listed "Advanced Responsibilities":

Provide command and control, staff planning, administration/logistical services, and custody/control for the operation of detention facility or the operation of a displaced civilian (DC) resettlement facility

Now, we already have places to put enemy combatants, like at Guantanamo Bay. The military has plenty of detention facilities for criminal activity within the military. And our country already has far too many places to detain those suspected of terrorist activity. Even for "domestic terrorists", however that is being defined this week (last week it was me: a veteran with a Ron Paul bumper sticker on my car. Just ask Janet Napolitano). With the Department of Defense describing anyone protesting our government as a "low-level terrorist", they even have room for any Right or Left winger who doesn't like what is going on and publicly says so.

With all of the military coming home from the Sandbox, you wouldn't think they would need to hire more. They could simply assign soldiers to take the training and perform those duties. Would some decide to get out instead of doing that kind of work? I imagine some would. Some would also stay in for the paycheck and benefits. The clincher for me is that hiring new people would allow the Army to screen for those most suited to performing that kind of duty. You know - people who couldn't make the grade as TSA agents, young men who got picked on in junior high school, or guys (and gals) too dim to make it onto a police department payroll, but who really, really want that "authoritah". Maybe some folks who want payback from the "rich" who "stole" from them, or "those whitebread crackers who kept my great-great grandaddy as a slave".

So. What are the chances that someone has decided that there may be a need to intern Americans at some point? Or to "resettle" Americans? With all of the floods, the fires, the tornados and hurricanes we have had, even after Katrina, were any civilians "resettled"? Hell, no. The Feds whipped out the old credit card - you know, the one you pay the bill on every April 15th - and put them up in hotels. Paid for their meals. Even bought them X-Boxes to play with while they were living off of tax money most of them hadn't provided.

However, should enough of us American citizens stand up and shout "That's it. All of you traitorous bastards are out. Leave D.C. and don't come back!", you will find out why the Army feels a need to hire and train some of what I am certain will be our most upstanding citizens (and maybe a few guys from MS-13 or ex-cartel members working as CI's for the FBI). Perhaps some of us will get a chance to experience what our Japanese-American citizens experienced of FDR's hospitality. I'm sure they'd be glad to show us re-runs of Stalag-13 or maybe Hogan's Heros. Or the Wolverines visiting their families and friends at the chain link fence.

Be honest now: can you come up with a good reason, a rational explanation, for why the Army would be needing to hire Internment and Resettlement Specialists? Other than the suspicions I have voiced? Let me know if you can. Then back up and dissect that explanation with Occam's Razor, would you please?

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