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~ Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"There is no such thing as moderate islam"

I've been saying it for some time now, and here is a French politician actually admitting it. She is a brave lady, exposing her knowledge in a country currently becoming overrun by muslims, with arrondissements in Paris where the police fear to tread, due to the muslims who inhabit and riot in those areas.

Jeannette Bougrab is a French minister of Arab descent. Algerian in origin, she is familiar with muslims and Sharia. Orthodox islam calls for the death or subjugation of all "infidels", and even prescribes death for other muslims if they convert, speak against islam or Sharia, or fail to follow any of the dictates of the Quran, Haddith, or Sura. We won't even go into the many petty violations for which a woman or girl can be put to death under Sharia, along with the required genital mutilation (clitoridectomy at the very least) of female children.

Those who claim there is such a thing as moderate islam are either ignorant or liars. If they are muslim themselves, this is permitted under the cover of taqqiya. Read the brief article at Jihad Watch.

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