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Sunday, December 18, 2011

You don't think it could happen here?

I wrote something on another blog tonight, in response to thoughts that Obama has no intention of staying within the rule of law, nor of giving up the White House to anything as inconvenient as a national election.

Stay with me here: yes, I realize it sounds completely insane and in the realm of conspiracy theory to posit that Obama might have plans that include remaining in office whether the American people want him to or not. However, as I have been saying for some time now, he has been behaving as if nothing he does matters, or is allowed to be questioned by anyone, certainly not by Congress. Not simply having Pelosi force through Obamacare with illegal procedural tactics, nor in providing hundreds of billions of our tax dollars to political favorites in the banking industry under the guise of a bailout, nor in taking over General Motors and then giving control of it to his union cronies, nor in shutting down oil production and oil exploration in this country (while giving Brazil billions of our tax dollars to underwrite their oil production), nor in allowing the EPA to create new regulations that shut down a number of working and viable coal-fired electrical plants, nor even in joining in a war on Libya without ever consulting with Congress, but also in ignoring or refusing to engage in every responsible act that a President could make to keep this country safe and economically viable.

When the Democrats had control of both houses of Congress, he treated Congress as his own rubber stamp, and when the Republicans regained control of the House, simply acted as if there is nothing that they can do to stop him. He ignores them, and ignores his Constitutional duties and responsibilities, as well as his Constitutional limitations. His arrogance is boundless, as is the arrogance of those who work for him, most notably Attorney General Holder, who is responsible for the state of Federal law enforcement in this country. Holder, who has openly stated he will not prosecute "his people" (aka African-Americans) for any crime against non-African-Americans - especially whites. And he calls us racist.

Obama's latest foray into declaring himself and his administration untouchable consists of having Holder tell the country - via the New York Times and Charlie Savage - that the investigation by Congress of the whole "Fast and Furious" operation run by ATF (wherein thousands of firearms, including Barrett fifty caliber rifles, were allowed to be bought and taken across the border into Mexico, where they have been used by the drug cartels to kill over three hundred Mexican citizens as well as two U.S. Federal law enforcement officers) is simply a partisan attempt to harass Holder and Obama - as Holder characterizes it, "election-year" rhetoric, and that it is also because "We are both African-American". What a racist remark!

As Mike Vanderboegh states in this article, this is essentially "Catch-22". There is no way to answer or refute someone who declares that they simply will not respond to your valid concerns. Someone who ignores the validity of your argument. Someone who resorts to dismissing everything you have to say as nothing for which they need to answer or account.

This is more than the usual playing of the race card to turn away any talk of personal responsibility. It is Holder and Obama saying - as Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street put it - they can do anything we can't stop them from doing.

Think about that. When the most powerful individual in the world and his lackey tell you they don't care what you think, they don't care what you want, they don't care what you say the rules are, do you imagine they intend to play by the rules when the rules say they need to pack up and go home? When the rules say they need to submit once more to the approval of the voters of this country? Why on earth would they? They have already demonstrated their disdain for your rules. They have already shown you quite clearly they have no intention of following your rules, especially the rules written on a 224-year-old piece of parchment with which they have already wiped their collective bottoms.

So, back to what I wrote on that blog in response to another comment:

"Millerized: perhaps that is also why we are reading that Barney Frank and some others won't be seeking re-election next year. Perhaps some of these scum - especially Frank, one of the architects of the recession/depression - want to get out of public view before it all comes apart.

Add in NDAA, FEMA opening some camps, the Army advertising for Detention/Resettlement Specialists, DOD training their people that protest is "low-level terrorism", the collapse of the EU and the euro, and I truly believe they are expecting things to come apart before they need to really worry about who might win an election.

In the meantime, Barry and MicHELLe are cramming in as many vacations and perks as they can before the crash they have been working towards takes place. They are loving the fact that they are enjoying millions of dollars of our money in the last days of that money having any value."

Imagine my surprise when I go to another blog and read that the Obamas are taking another Hawaiian vacation which is expected to cost over $4 million dollars of our tax money. At a time when many families aren’t sure where their next meal will come from let alone any Christmas presents for their children.

Does this not underline the disdain they feel for the citizens of this country? Does this not give the lie to everything these two scum say when they talk of their concern for the poor, the minorities, the unemployed? At a time when so many people are unemployed and underemployed, making sacrifices simply to keep going, and they spend millions for yet another vacation? Have we ever had a President and First Lady (I want to vomit on the word "lady" where MicHELLe is concerned) who took as many vacations as these two, let alone spent as much of our tax money as these two enjoying themselves at our expense?

Doesn't that piss you off just a little bit?

Add it up, people. If they care so little for America, its economy, its people, its Constitution and the rule of law, what makes you think a little thing like an election is going to keep them from enjoying our money for a lot longer than the next twelve months? What makes you think Obama won't take a page from the playbook used by Armadinejad in Iran, and simply declare himself the winner, no matter what the count is when the election is done? Anyone care for a little wager?

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