Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, December 5, 2011

A necessary blog to follow

I've been reading Kerodin's blog, III Percent Patriots, for some time now. There was a time when I felt that some of his material was a bit too strong for my tastes. As our current political situation continues to worsen, and our government increases its inroads upon our rights and our freedom - what is left of it - I find that it was I who was too weak in my assessment of the threat we face as a country. Kerodin has been a much better judge of that threat, and has been unrelenting in his presentation of just how bad things have become.

He has suffered directly and personally at the hands of our government, and continues to as I write this. His experience, his insight, and his training enable him to cut to the chase on what is important to us politically and in the fight we face, and is just as spot-on as is Silicon Graybeard's assessment of the continuing financial debacle.

Again, I need to be clear with those few folks who read my blog that we are not speaking of far-out conspiracy theory here. We are talking about the very tangible threats we face thanks to a government which refuses to accept that debt is real and cannot be ignored, nor can it be corrected by inflating our currency until it becomes worthless, like the Weimar Republic Reichsbanknotes (like this 20 million mark note from that time period). We are talking about the very real threats to American citizens as in the Patriot Act, and the new Senate bill 1867 (House bill 1540) which would allow the government to declare any of us "enemy combatants" and detain us indefinitely. Do you understand the significance of habeas corpus no longer existing? Lincoln was the last President to take that right away from us in order to punish those who didn't approve of going to war with the South. It is quite likely, if this bill passes, that anyone who disapproves of what the government does - Right, Left, or Independent - could be held indefinitely, with no legal recourse.

Think that is far fetched? DOD (Department of Defense) has written and put into practice a training program for their employees which describes political protest as "low-level terrorism". No, that is not a mistake, not a typo, and not a paranoid fever-dream of a right-wing wingnut. It is fact. The ACLU can hardly be considered spokesmen for the Right, yet they are speaking out against this. England, as well, is already treating their protesters, like them or hate them, as terrorists as Kerodin recently posted.

The more you follow Kerodin's blog, the more you will see that as strong as his language may be, as bleak as the picture he paints may seem, as dire as the threat he describes, it all rings true. We may wish it wasn't so, but I'm afraid you'll have to put that wish in one hand and see what it's worth. If you can't read him every day, check in with him frequently. You'll benefit from his personal insights, and the info he posts from other bloggers and news sources that provide facts, opinions, and ruminations which will open your eyes to how precarious our plight truly is right now.

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