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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Constitutional crisis?

Tom Baugh, the author of Starving the Monkeys has written an article titled The Supreme Militia. In it, he speaks to the fact that Obama has spoken of the Supreme Court in disparaging terms, calling them "unelected" (as if that diminishes their authority) and saying that they should not overturn legislation which has been passed by "a strong majority" (a utter lie that anyone who watched the process that Pelosi and Reid used to force the Affordable Patient Care Act through Congress is well aware is a lie). He basically has ordered them to find it Constitutional, this legislation that was passed without a single Republican vote, that required promising billions of dollars of earmarks to various Congressional members, and of lying repeatedly about both the cost of the bill and its effect on the citizens of this country and the health care to which they would have access.

Mr. Baugh speaks of the fact that it is entirely possible that Barry Soetero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, may refuse to accept the decision of the Supreme Court, and seek to implement this legislation - legislation that over 70% of America does not approve of - in spite of their decision pertaining to its Constitutionality.

As I have mentioned before, the Supreme Court is the final court of law in deciding whether or not a law is Constitutional. They are not the actual final arbiter - that is the citizenry of the United States of America, via jury nullification - but they are indeed the final court. What happens when they make a determination, and the Executive branch of our government decides to ignore that decision? What happens if an elected President is impeached, but decides to ignore said impeachment, refusing to leave office? What happens if this President decides to ignore the required election process, and simply declares that he has no intention of leaving office, despite whatever took place during the election process?

William Lafferty, retired as a staff attorney from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, has written a series of novels which deals with some of these issues. In his seventh book, "They Came For Our Guns, They Came For Our Freedom" he postulates a President who refuses to leave office and who must be forced out. In the novel, elements of the government work with members of the military to effect his removal, finally accomplishing that task. Lafferty talks directly about President Obama in an essay on his page describing his eighth book, , making some excellent points, some of which are quite familiar to readers here.

This present situation with Obama expressing his unwillingness to accept a decision from the Supreme Court of which he does not approve, could indeed trigger a Constitutional crisis. If he resists it, refuses to stop the implementation of Obamacare/APCA, there will certainly be some serious consequences. One can only hope that impeachment is one of them. It would be nice to be rid of this craven individual who - in the opinion of many of us - was never legally eligible to be elected as our President in the first place. The fact that it is a fait accompli does not make it taste any better. If he is impeached, but refuses to relinquish his office, it could get nasty.

However, given the cowardice of the current representatives in both houses of Congress, I am afraid that impeachment isn't in the cards. If Harry Reid can subvert the function of the Senate to the extent that it has not submitted a budget in the three years that Obama has been president, I have little faith that he would permit a vote for impeachment. Or would declare a "voice vote", and pretend that the majority of the Senators had voted not to impeach.

America is certainly facing some "interesting" times ahead. Let us hope that we can survive them as a country, and as a nation that at least resembles what we once were.

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  1. From time to time, I've thought how amazing it is that no president has ever surrounded the White House with tanks and declared he won't leave. "For the duration of the crisis" is a good excuse - just like the NDAA.

    Remember the reports after the Florida fiasco in 2001, that when W's staff arrived in the WH, the computers had been defaced - by having their W keys removed? There were other reports of low class damages done, too. It was a bitter campaign fight, but in the end, they left office. In the end, the Gore people and the Clinton people simply loved the country too much to push it over the edge.

    We may not be so lucky next time. All you need is a president who doesn't really love the country; one who sees it as the seat of evil in the world...


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