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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Great article by "Burned Out LEO"

Just read this at Roberts Gun Shop, where he reposted an article from Burned Out Leo, called "What They Don't Teach in Weapons Carry Classes". Actually, some instructors _do_ teach this kind of thing, at least one of the instructors I trained with some years back. It was much better firearms training than I received in the San Diego Police Academy. I was impressed by how much I learned at this class in 2004 that wasn't taught back in '79 when I attended SDPD's academy.

However, this article provides a number of ideas and concepts that will serve you in good stead for staying safe on the streets as a civilian. The author has BTDT, and his suggestions are not the BS you hear from gun store "commandoes", they are excellent techniques for staying safe and staying alive.

For those who visit here who are uncomfortable with violence, or with the thought of harming another human being, allow me to remind you that your life - and certainly the lives of your wife and/or children - are just as valuable as anyone else's. When a person decides it is acceptable to hurt or kill you simply to get what they want - your money, possessions, to rape your wife or abduct your child - the value of their life become worthless. At that point, they have made the decision to relinquish any claim they have to being treated with fairness, decency or compassion. Now, I know some of you may believe that taking another's life is not worth the money or possessions you could simply hand over in a robbery, but unfortunately, today that often is not enough for those who commit armed robberies. Some get a thrill from the ultimate control over another person - over their life or death - and some simply are unwilling to risk going to, or returning to, prison. These people will kill you, even though you have given them what they have asked for, even when a woman has submitted to rape (or G-d forbid, a child has been abducted and used for whatever gratification the sick bastard had intended).

As the author of the article wrote:

"Once a man starts armed robbing he has crossed a line most won't. Don't forget that when you are looking these bastards in the eye. Their decision to kill you is already made. Your life means nothing to him. Only his does. His sole motivation for not killing you is he doesn't want a murder case. He has already accepted he may pick one up though. "

He also goes on to write, "But be advised no matter where you are a hold-up man is going to be about the same. Whether he is a home boy or a guy who just exited the interstate into your town and needs some quick money. He is going to have a vicious streak and no regard for your life. Treat him like he treats you." So, don't believe you are safe simply because you live in the middle of Amish farm country, or because you live in a gated community. The bad guys have wheels, and they go places where they aren't expected.

I once worked for a particularly dumb Sgt. at a small police department in Northern California (Yreka), and he was unhappy that I carried a pistol off-duty. (Hard to believe, isn't it?) He whined about our little town not having that much crime, and most of it being non-violent, saying he saw no need for me to carry concealed. I reminded him that our little berg was bisected by Interstate 5, and that there was lots of drug traffic right past us on its way to Seattle and Yakima. This hypocrite carried a .38 snubbie in his golf bag wen he went golfing with his cronies, but in his case it was only for show, to impress his civilian friends.

For you ladies reading this: I know many of you feel you could never shoot at someone, never take the life of another. A while back I read an article about a married couple that took a handgun training course together. The wife just couldn't hit the target, and showed no inclination to improve. She was obviously just going through the motions. The instructor took her aside, and after she explained her problem he asked her to consider a scenario. He asked her to imagine she had stopped at a service station to fill up her car, with her three year old belted into her car seat in back. As she was returning to the car after paying for her gas, she saw a man taking her daughter out of her car seat and carrying the screaming child to his van.

The instructor asked what she would do - call 911? She told him no, she would kill the SOB with her bare hands. She realized that there was at least one situation in which she would be comfortable taking the life of another. She ended up being one of the best shots in that class.

So, please read the article linked above. Read Jeff Cooper's books concerning personal defense, paying attention to his "color codes". And stay safe.

BTW, a little bit of trivia, for those of you who have read American Handgunner magazine: One of the editors, Roy Huntington, was in my class at SDPD. He was the best shot with a handgun I had ever seen at that time, easily the best in our class and probably in the whole department. He helped several in our class who were having trouble qualifying at the range. Believe it or not, Roy had been a professional flower arranger for a large commercial florist before becoming a police officer! I never worked with Roy after the academy, but from what I heard he was an excellent officer, an exceptional guy throughout his career there at San Diego PD. I can tell you for a fact that he was a hell of a nice guy, and I'm sure he still is.


  1. Hell hath no fury like a mommy scorned!

  2. Excellent, Reg.

    This is something to never let out of your mind. It seems like once a week we read about victim who gives the robber "what they want", but what they really want is no living witnesses. The cooperation tactic gets people killed.


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