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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Who's Your Daddy?

Ah, it's good to be back to the old Blogger interface. Took me a while to realize there was a way to recover it.

I came across an article by Jerome Corsi at WND (World Net Daily) concerning who he believes the real, biological father of Barack Hussein Obama is, in fact. That would be his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, black member of the US Communist Party, radical, and (radical) poet.

Going strictly by the photo, I think there is good reason to believe Davis and our arrogant, petulant, and deceitful President share the same genes. Chin shape, facial creases, hairline are all quite similar, much more so than with Barack Obama, Sr.

Corsi goes on to give biographical data that support such a notion, as well. While sufficient evidence isn't provided in the article, it sounds as if it may be present in the film to which this article refers. Davis' presence in Hawaii at the same time as Stanley Ann Dunham is telling, as well, along with the known fact - admitted by our little Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama II - that he spent some time under Davis' wing. Or perhaps even closer than that, as it has been said that Davis was "fond" of children.

It would also explain much more cogently why Obama is so enamored of Communist, socialist ideology, and a hatred for America and American "exceptionalism". Why little Barry feels the need to tear down our country in an attempt to render us no better than any other failed State in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, or Asia. Why he is willing to dupe the black community into thinking he has their best interests at heart, when he is actually simply using them in an attempt to divide America into (at least) two camps, two groups at each other's throat. Why he is so desirous of destroying the Constitution and rendering it powerless to protect us as it was meant to when it was written and ratified.

If you Google "Bill Ayers" for books written by him, "Dreams from My Father" shows up in the list. Based on the few writings that are proven to have been written by Obama, the spelling, grammar, and syntax of that book are at odds with Obama's literary abilities, or lack of ability, to be more accurate. So it is understandable that the "help" he admitted getting from Bill Ayers was probably more substantial than a bit of advice. The book was most likely actually written by Ayers, just as Google indicates.

Read the article. Corsi gives a reasonable and logical basis for believing that Davis was more than just a friend to Obama. It would certainly explain a lot. Such as the very first Executive Order written by Barack Hussein Obama, wherein he sealed all documents which would provide any transparency at all concerning his birth, his schooling, his nationality, and his true identity. In spite of the fact that claiming Davis as his other biological parent would clear up the "native born" American question relating to his eligibility to be President, the fact - if it is such - that his father was a registered member of the Communist Party might not sit so well with the voters.

No matter what the answer is, America really screwed the pooch electing this sick bastard. And I mean that biologically, as well as describing his aberrant personality.

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