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Monday, April 16, 2012

Why carrying a knife can be as useful as carrying a gun

Kerodin at IIIpercent to Bonnie Gadsden to Straight Forward in a Crooked World, a chain of posts that takes you to the article "Dark Arts for Good Guys: the Right to Knife" Part 1 and Part 2. Direct and real, even ugly in places, but excellent information that could save your life.

The only life or death confrontations I have experienced have been while on duty as a peace officer, and involved guns, and few of those, thankfully. But I carry a knife everywhere, all of the time. A good strong folder that can be used defensively, like my Emerson CQC-7B Wave. I had envisioned the possibility of using it as a stand-off deterrent, to ward off someone trying to grapple with me (remember, I am not trained in the use of a knife, so perhaps that isn't a good idea, though it sounded good). I imagined I could use it to fight someone else also armed with a knife, but feared getting fatally cut myself in the process, so I had hoped to be able to respond with my carry firearm instead in such a case.

The author at Straight Forward explained that a knife could be useful in broader circumstances, and that it could be possible to win without getting cut to ribbons. His descriptions of possible techniques and modes of attack are sometimes on the gruesome side for someone who has not stopped to really imagine what it would be like to stab or cut another person, but again, as I have posted elsewhere recently, we are talking about responding to someone trying to kill you, or someone you love.

This two-part article is something you should read if you are serious about winning against someone when armed only with a knife. Even if you have no plans to practice or train with a knife, alone or with a partner, just reading these articles may provide you with knowledge that will come back to you and save your butt should you find yourself in a fight for your life and only have a blade of some kind with which to work.

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