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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fast and Furious Film Production - Please Help

Mike McNulty, the producer of "Waco - Rules of Engagement", is looking to produce a film on the debacle run by BATF (the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) called "Fast and Furious". For those few of you who come here that may not know what Operation Fast and Furious was, please visit the web site of David Codrea called "A Journalist's Guide to Project Gunwalker", wherein he and Mike Vanderboegh broke open the story of how the BATF coerced a number of private gun stores into selling over 2000 semi-automatic weapons - so-called "assault rifles", including a number of .50 caliber sniper rifles - to criminal buyers who then transported them into Mexico where they were given to their real purchasers, the drug cartels. Their facts and information were provided by direct testimony from BATF agents who were ordered by their superiors to allow the guns to be "walked" into Mexico, even though they knew people would be killed with those weapons.

The story finally came to light when a Border Patrol agent was killed with one of the weapons that was allowed to be taken into Mexico at the insistence of BATF supervisors in charge of this program. Brian Terry was gunned down, and the ATF - with pressure from the FBI - allowed the criminal cartel members to return to Mexico, because one of them was a "highly-placed" informant for the FBI. The FBI insisted that he be allowed to remain in place, in spite of the fact that he murdered a Federal law enforcement agent. Several BATF agents who were upset by this operation finally came forward when "one of their own" died because of guns they were ordered to allow to be walked into Mexico. [I won't speak to the fact that they only came forward when another Federal agent was killed, not when hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens - not competing cartel members - were killed with these weapons.]

Eric Holder, the Attorney general - who has stated, and made plain, that he will only prosecute when crime is white-on-black - denied any knowledge of this operation, but was caught lying when emails were discovered that indicated he had prior knowledge. The BATF supervisors involved in this were promoted and moved around within the agency in order to protect them and to keep them from testifying to what their involvement was in this criminal enterprise. The White House was proven to be involved as well, via emails to and from Obama's staff, although Obama continues to pretend he had no knowledge of the situation. Holder has stone-walled, refused to respond to subpoenas from Congress, redacted almost ever word from the few documents he has provided, and generally thumbed his nose at Congressman Darrel Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley, the two Republicans who have been making a half-hearted attempt to take BATF, DOJ, Holder and those others involved to task for this atrocious violation of domestic and international law (BATF and DOJ, as well as the State Department, never advised the government of Mexico that they were running an operation that affected their country, as well as providing guns to Mexican drug cartels. It is possible that Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, was read into this operation and had direct knowledge as well).

It should be well noted that BATF's excuse for running this operation was to "track" guns going to the drug cartels, supposedly for the purpose of arrests and prosecutions. This was obviously a lie, for several reasons. Once the guns were picked up by the "strawman" purchasers, the agents were refused permission to arrest the buyers. They were also refused permission to track these buyers back to the cartels. Insane, right? Contrary to what BATF claimed they were trying to accomplish, right?

The only way this operation makes sense is if you consider the real reason it was done: to raise the statistics on the number of deaths that could be attributed to firearms that were bought at gun stores in the United States which "found their way" into Mexico, so that BATF, DOJ, and the Brady Bunch could claim that American weapons sold through American gun stores were causing the deaths of Mexican citizens. So that when the Mexican government ran the serial numbers on crime guns found at the scene of murders in Mexico, they would come back to guns sold in the U.S.

Can you conceive of the depth of immorality and criminality of U.S. agencies banking on the deaths of citizens of another country simply so they could vilify American gun stores and try to further restrict the sale of firearms in our own country? That members of our own government could approve of allowing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deaths in order to clamp down harder on our Second Amendment? Is this not treason, "high crimes and misdemeanors", committed against the citizens of another country and our own country simply to advance the socialist agenda of damaging the Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens? It is an almost unspeakable crime to so completely devalue the very lives of hundreds of human beings just to attack our rights to sell and buy firearms. But, as we saw with the Left in Stalin's Russia and Mao's China, the deaths of even millions is "just a statistic", completely acceptable in order to advance the Marxist agenda.

So, back to Mike McNulty and his film, "Blood On Their Hands". Very little mention of this has been publicized by the mainstream media. CBS did a few segments, until their reporter Sharyl Attkisson was shut down by CBS after they received pressure from DOJ. Fox News did a few segments as well, but they dropped the ball too (Fox is lambasted by the Left as being a Republican mouthpiece, a "far right" slanted organization, but they have more lying liberals on their staff than they do real conservatives, and they did not follow up on this story). Consequently, McNulty wants to produce a film that tells the truth about "Fast and Furious". He needs funding to do this, and has engaged the web site "Kickstarter" in an attempt to develop the necessary funding.

Kickstarter collects the funds via on-line donations, but will return any and all donations if the amount required in total is not reached within the allotted time period. So your donation is safe, and will not be held unless it is actually used to fund the film. This is about as honest and as safe as it gets, folks. Please donate, even just a couple of bucks if that is all you can afford. It would be good to have this film produced, if only to provide a visual record of this horrendous debacle. If you donate at least $20, as I have, you will receive a copy of the film when it has been produced.

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