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~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dying to appease the muslims - literally

Sultan Knish at his blog hits another one over the fence. In his post, "The Blood Price of Afghanistan", he speaks to the fact that our men and women in the military are dying because of Oabama's need to appease the muslims. They are dying because they have Rules Of Engagement (ROE) that demand they simply retreat when fired upon, dragging their dead with them. They are dying because the blood price for killing American soldiers is cheap, half the price of killing a muslim.

"There will be no mention of how many of them died because the Obama Administration decided that the lives of Afghan civilians counted for more than the lives of soldiers. No talk of what it is like to walk past houses with gunmen dressed in civilian clothing inside and if you are fired at from those houses, your orders are to retreat."

This article is well worth the reading.

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