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Monday, March 5, 2012

Iran is a real threat to Israel

For those folks who claim that Iran not only doesn't have a nuclear weapon, they aren't even trying to enrich the uranium they have, please read this report:

Report: Iran and North Korea collaborated on nuclear tests in 2010

The great irony here continues to be that their mutually exclusive ideologies would be duty-bound to attempt to annihilate one another if they came into competition. But for now, North Korea needs cash, and Iran wants the bomb.

They have collaborated both on computer technology that could help design nuclear weapons, and on missile technology, so there is no reason to believe they would stop there.

"Report: Iran held nuclear test in N. Korea," from YNet News, March 5:

Germany's Die Welt newspaper reported Sunday that Iran held at least one nuclear weapons test in North Korea in 2010.

The paper's report is based on "Western intelligence agencies sources," and says that the test, in fact, refutes US intelligence assessments suggesting there is no "hard evidence" that Iran is building nuclear weapons.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has recently declared that its nuclear negotiations with Iran have failed.

The statement followed Tehran's decision the bar IAEA inspectors from what is believed to be key military sites in the Islamic Republic.

Iran vehemently claims that its nuclear program is meant to serve civil, peaceful purposes only.

The Die Welt noted that evidence of the 2010 nuclear tests in North Korea was published in early February in Nature Magazine.

According to the report, Swedish nuclear physicist Lars-Erik de Geer analyzed data "showing the presence of radioisotopes that betrayed a uranium bomb explosion."

"After a year of work, (de Geer) concluded that North Korea carried out two small nuclear tests in April and May 2010 that caused explosions in the range of 50–200 tons of TNT equivalent.

"The types and ratios of isotopes detected… suggest that North Korea was testing materials and techniques intended to boost the yield of its weapons," the report said.

So. If we accept that Iran may indeed have, or are close to having, nuclear weapons, then it follows that they have, or will have, the ability to completely destroy Israel with a single pre-emptive strike. It is certainly possible, as I have posted before, for Iran to flood the skies of Israel with so many rockets, missiles, and aircraft that any nuclear weapons launched could successfully strike Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, or elsewhere.

Few people here in America realize how tiny the nation of Israel is in land mass. The entire country, including the desert area near Sinai, is only 258 miles long. The part where people actually live, from Gaza in the south to the Golan Heights in the north, is only 120 miles long, and 60 miles wide.

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are only about thirty miles apart. Haifa is only about 75 miles north of Tel Aviv. A nuclear weapon detonated between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem would destroy both cities. Another detonated above Haifa would basically complete the total destruction of Israel and probably 90+% of her citizens, Jew and Arab alike.

It doesn’t matter that Israel could retaliate and wipe out Iran, Syria, and perhaps other parts of the muslim Middle East. They would be gone. A country totally destroyed, her people annihilated. As the current census is approximately 8 million, and 75% of that census is Jewish, we would be talking about the deaths of another 6 million Jews. Not to mention about 1.6 million Arabs.

Another 6 million Jews at risk from a madman who swears he will wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Who has repeatedly stated not simply his intention, but his plan to do so. A man who is actively seeking, irrespective of his denial that he is attempting to produce nuclear weapons, to possess such weapons. Perhaps he is even telling the truth about not producing them, because he has discovered it is much simpler to acquire them from North Korea or elements of the Russian military seeking cash.

This is akin to having a neighbor who has sworn to kill you, your wife, and your children. A man who has the ability to purchase the weapons to do so, and who has been observed at a gun range, practising his shooting, trying out a couple of firearms. Would you really want to simply sit at home and hope that he doesn’t really mean what he says? When he has already paid numerous gang members to vandalize your house, terrorize your family, perhaps having killed your dog, or - G-d forbid - has already killed a member of your family?

Iran has subsidized much of the terrorism, many of the deaths, that Israel has experienced. It has threatened to follow up this repeated violence with wiping Israel off of the map. Don’t you think Israel has the right to defend itself against a very real, a clear and present danger?

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