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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Obama Administration is specifically anti-Christian

Some of you folks who know me know I am not religious. I have spoken before of having been raised as a Roman Catholic, including baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation. At thirteen, I chose to leave the Church, and have been a non-believer since that time.

Those who have followed my blog or who have read some of the comments I have posted on other blogs also know that I am still a believer in Judeo-Christian moral values, and that I accept and embrace the fact that this country was founded upon those values. When I read, "In God We Trust", I may not believe in God per se, but I do believe in how He would want us to behave if he did (or does) exist, because those moral codes are right and just. So, I would say that I trust in the rightness (righteousness?) of that which has been written as to what God expects of us. Even if I believe that wisdom came from men rather than a Supreme Being.

I write this preface because it is necessary to explain why I am so troubled, so disgusted by the anti-Christian posture of our current President and the core members of his administration.

Recently, you have doubtless read of the deaths that followed the burning of a number of Qurans (Korans) that the military confiscated from some muslim prisoners due to the fact that information was being passed between those prisoners via the copies of the Quran that were being shared amongst them. Words and code written in the margins and pages of these books that spread information detrimental to their incarceration. Information that may have made it possible for prisoner escapes, or the passing of contraband, etc. So, a decision was made by those responsible for these prisoners to destroy the books containing this information.

Because muslims ( I refuse to honor this death cult by capitalizing the name for its adherents) become enraged when anything is done that they consider disrespectful of their "religion" or its founder - the child molester known as Mohammed - the muslims in the area who learned of the burning of those books rioted. In the process a number of them were killed, mostly by their own police and security forces, as I understand it. However, two American military personnel were also shot to death by muslims they worked with within the Afghan governmental offices in that area. This is not unusual, as muslims have frequently killed those who they feel have expressed disrespect for their cult and its founder.

In America, however, we have a government that provides thousands of dollars of grant money (via the National Endowment of the Arts) to artists who paint pictures of Jesus Christ being urinated upon. We have a government which has decided that it is unacceptable to display the usual Christmas manger scenes that have been a part of American culture for over a hundred years (or more, I'm not certain) because it claims it violates the First Amendment, in spite of the fact that a manger scene on public property does not establish Christianity as a State religion, which is all that the First Amendment was trying to prevent along those lines.

So. Our Pretender-in-Chief, the muslim-loving President who has never heard anything more beautiful than the muezzin call to prayer of the faithful from the minaret of a mosque, publicly apologizes to the muslims who have killed and destroyed property and murdered two of our military personnel because a few books were burned. Did he publicly apologize to the Pope, or the Synod of the Presbyterian Church, or the leaders of any Christian church when hundreds of Christian bibles were burned by military personnel, also in Afghanistan? Of course not.

Barry Soetero, in spite of having spent over twenty years in Pastor Wright's "Christian" church, listening to Wright shout "God damn America!" from his pulpit, is not a Christian. In spite of his love for listening to muezzin when he has the chance, he probably isn't a muslim either. Frankly, the only deity he worships is Barack Hussein Obama.

Once again, the meat of this post comes more than halfway through - after I have had a chance to voice my rant. I came upon an article that demonstrates Barry's anti-Christian stance by virtue of his own words and actions. Hard to refute, even for those liberals who worship him. In Jimmy Carter, cracker-extraordinaire, we had America's Most Anti-Semitic President (he still beats Barry on that score, though not by much). Here we have Barack Hussein Obama, America's Most Bibilically Hostile President.

Read the list. It is long, but it definitely marks this President as being the most Anti-Christian President this country has known in its entire history. Add to it the President's refusal to salute our flag (or even place his hand over his heart, as civilians are supposed to honor the flag), holding his hands over his genitals instead (the infamous Obama Crotch Salute), and you have a somewhat better picture of the respect this man holds for the Christian country of which he chose of his own free will to become the leader.

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