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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Executive Order Obama published on March 16th, 2012

Ann Barnhardt wrote an article, a post on her blog, pertaining to this. It is frightening, painful to consider, but her words ring with truth (as they usually do):

I'm getting really, really sick of these pundits and talking heads on the so-called "right" clucking their tongues at the unwashed masses and telling us that we're crazy and paranoid to be the least bit concerned each and every time the Obama regime takes another stride toward totalitarianism. And it is EACH AND EVERY TIME.

Let me break it down for Ed Morrissey, and all of the other pundits in that social circle so that you can get your heads around this. We are concerned and even, dare I say it, panicked, because we can see the big picture of the Obama regime for what it is. We can take the totality of the dataset and draw not just a logical, reasoned conclusion, but a conclusion that is supported by centuries - nay millenia - of past precedent. We are, as Patrick Henry put it, "willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it."

Why is the 3/16/2012 Executive Order worthy of grave concern? Simply put, because of the man and the regime who issued it. This is a man, and a regime that has done the following:

-Sent the Secretary of Defense (Leon Panetta) to Congress to put them on notice that despite the explicitness of the Constitution, the consent of the Congress to wage war will neither be solicited nor required by the Commander in Chief or his regime. The CiC and SECDEF may, if they feel like it and can find the time, MAY inform the Congress of "kinetic military actions" henceforth.

-Declared the First Amendment null and void by mandating that every American must, as a condition of legal residency in the United States, pay for abortions. Mr. Morrissey, being a Catholic, you should understand that what the Obama regime has done is demand your very soul. In order to remain corporeally "free" in the United States of America, you must enter into mortal sin, reject Jesus Christ in totality, turn your back on your Crucified Savior, excommunicate yourself from the Church, and consign your immortal soul to eternal hell. If that isn't the prohibiting of the free exercise of religion, then nothing is or ever could be.

-Committed acts of war upon the sovereign nation of Mexico and her people, willfully arming narco-terrorists with the intent of using the optics of hundreds if not thousands of brutally murdered Mexicans in order to stir up and justify the overthrow of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. This is textbook sedition.

-Has coordinated with regime cronies in the Legislative Branch to enable the Obama regime to operate for an entire term WITH NO BUDGET WHATSOEVER. In this time, the Obama regime has looted the United States Treasury and debased the currency of the United States to the tune of SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS, or roughly one-half the gross domestic product.

This is just a very, very, very short list. Additionally, with each passing day it is being further revealed that EVERY SINGLE PERSON Barack Obama has ever associated with has been not merely a Marxist, not merely a Socialist, not merely a Communist, but a TOTALITARIAN hellbent on the destruction of the United States of America.

I'll concede the point that if this Executive Order was issued by - get this - Jimmy Carter or even Bill Clinton, I could buy the idea that it was merely an emergency protocol housekeeping item of some sort geared toward the reaction of the Federal Government after a nuclear attack. I'd be skeptical, but I would be open to the argument.

Not so now. These people are totalitarian tyrants who are no longer even trying to hide their intentions. See the bulleted items above. There comes a point where you have to pull your head out of the sand, synthesize a massive dataset into its obvious, coherent output, and be willing to know the worst, and to provide for it.

Denying the obvious, even when the obvious is horrific, is not some sort of virtue. Keeping people numb to reality and drunk on a sugary treacle of distraction and reassurance that "everything's okay" even when every iota of data and experience tells us that everything is NOT OKAY is not a virtuous public service. It is a massive failure in charity, both towards those who are misled and falsely-consoled by your assurances, and toward those whose intellects and intentions you backhandedly insult.

Remember, people exactly like Ed Morrissey and his ilk were calling everyone warning of Hitler's danger to mankind "alarmist", "conspiracy theorists" and "paranoid" up until 4:40 am on September 1, 1939 when the Luftwaffe attacked Weilun. And before that mess was over, 70 million human beings were dead. The hell that the Obama regime is determined to unleash on the world will make World War II look like a mere bar fight.

Yeah, I'm sorry I can't tell you the day, hour and minute that open war is going to break out, both overseas and here in the homeland, or the exact date, time and high-tick in the markets before the entire system implodes. There is a name for people who claim to know exact dates of future events - they're called CHARLATANS. If that failure makes me non-credible and paranoid, then I wear that sash with pride, and am consoled and flattered by the caliber of the company of Jeremiahs and Cassandras throughout history that I join. But I do know that it is coming, and that the NDRP Executive Order of 3/16/2012 is, WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE DAY AND THE REGIME THAT ISSUED IT, entirely ominous and certainly tactical.

I'll leave you with the video of Larry Grathwohl, which can never, ever be posted, spread and publicized too much. Recorded in 1980, when Barack Obama was nothing more than a drug-addled foreign student at Occidental College and not yet even a glimmer in the eye of the Totalitarians who would later adopt him as their public persona, Grathwohl recounts conversations led by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the founders and leaders of the Weather Underground, the Marxist-Communist-Totalitarian terrorist group that Grathwohl was tasked to infiltrate, and the eventual intimates, ghostwriter and political handlers of Barack and Michelle Obama. The Totalitarian cabal that runs the Obama regime has intended, for decades, to collapse the United States, overthrow it, establish a Totalitarian oligarchy, and as a necessary corollary to that, murder at least ten percent of the population as "die-hard, unreformable capitalists." In 1980, that 10% worked out to 25 million human beings. Today, it would be 31 million - but heck, what's another Holocaust (6 million) give or take?

Today, you are either Churchill or you are Chamberlain.

Additionally, Kenneth Schortgen, Jr. at Examiner.com wrote an article on the same subject. In it he says:

"The purpose of President Obama signing this new Executive Order is yet unclear, however, it may coincide with information coming out of Israel yesterday that plans for a tactical or strategic strike on Iran are accelerating. Oil prices in Europe rose over $3 a barrel for Brent crude after the Israeli actions, and US oil prices rose $2 for WTI.

The Obama administration appears to be preparing for a long drawn out war in the Middle East, or at the very least, an expected crisis that will require the need to override Constitutional authority and claim dominion over all resources in the United States under the guise of national defense. With the rise in Disaster Preparedness growing for both individuals and states leading up to yesterday's Executive Order, the mood of the nation points strongly towards some event or disaster that will require massive preparations on a national as well as local scale."

I realize that some of the (few) readers of this blog (my liberal family members, for certain :-) have probably come to the conclusion that I am a conspiracy theorist, based on some of the things I believe concerning our government and our economy, such as the growing Change of our country from a Constitutional Republic (NOT a democracy) into a socialist "paradise" as envisioned by Obama and the Marxists (Anita Dunn: Mao "is my favorite philosopher") with whom he has surrounded himself. As I have mentioned before, however, summing up the things Obama has said and done can only lead a reasonable person, one who isn't afraid to face the facts, to believe that he truly does want to turn America into a socialist state.

Considering this strong belief, added to his very real and highly publicized willingness to ignore both the Constitution and Congress, it is my fear that he will use an attack upon Iran, and any military action that occurs in response to such an attack, as am excuse to suspend elections and use this Executive Order to take total control over this country, as Woodrow Wilson did during WWI, and as Lincoln did during the War Against Southern Secession ( a very un-civil war, where 650,000 Americans died to keep the South from leaving the Union).

I hope I am completely wrong, folks, but for those of you who are willing to accept for a moment that I might not be, I suggest you begin making preparations. Preparations to feed and care for your family, and preparations - if you wish to keep the food and other property that you lay aside for your family - to fight the agencies that may come to take it from you. Because this Executive Order does indeed state (unConstitutional though it may be) that the government - DHS and the other agencies mentioned in the EO - has the right to take control of ALL property in this country. Water, food, fuel, all other commodities, manufactured goods, the factories and companies that make goods or provide services, EVERYTHING. And the EO states that this can occur in peacetime, so in a time of war - even against a small country such as Iran - the government will certainly feel justified in whatever steps they decide to take to control all of the resources available.

That is not an exaggeration, people. The text of the EO is available for anyone to read, and it cannot be construed in any other fashion. Total control to the government of all resources. And just as they have decided that the Commerce Clause applies to everything, not just the commerce between states, they will decide that they will control all of the resources available, including the food in your garden and the water in your well. They may even decide that the resources consisting of your labor are theirs to take, too, meaning that they can put you, your wife, perhaps even your children to work at whatever labor or jobs they wish.

Those of us who have spoken out against the government as it currently is, perhaps any of us who are registered as Republicans, may find ourselves digging ditches, or moving barrels of toxic nuclear waste at Hanford in Washington State. Or, perhaps, we will be starved, as the kulaks were starved in Stalin's Russia, when all of the food resources in the Ukraine were removed to be used elsewhere, causing the deaths of millions of the Ukrainians that Stalin wanted to kill. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor

The primary difference is that America was pretty much in support of the war effort during WWI. I think the majority of Americans will not be in support of the US being involved in attacking Iran (although many of us will approve of Israel doing so, in her own defence). So, if our government gets involved militarily - and Obama and Holder have both said they do not need Congress's approval, in spite of the Constitution clearly stating that they need it - it is likely to cause them to use this EO for taking control of the economy and all property that exists in America. It will very likely also cause enough civil unrest that they will declare martial law and suspend elections. Because there are many of us - millions - who will fight if Obama and his administration establish the kind of dictatorship that this Executive Order would enable. "National Security" would not be a good enough excuse for us to permit such tyranny without an armed response.

I will make one other prediction while I am at it: to reinforce their excuse for declaring martial law, suspending elections and implementing this EO, we are likely to see some sort of false-flag operation, such as an attack upon one of our nuclear power plants or perhaps even the use of a low-power nuclear weapon (such as a tactical "suitcase nuke") on U.S. territory, blamed upon Iran as being in retaliation for our involvement in attacking them, along with Israel.

Again, I cannot imagine anyone being more pleased to discover I am wrong than I would be, but I feel pretty certain this will indeed happen. Let us all pray that I am simply a paranoid fool.

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