Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Friday, March 30, 2012

Why you must vote in this election

I have said it before, and I will reiterate it now: I truly believe that the Obama administration will employ whatever tactics are necessary to either get re-elected, declared the winner (as did Ahmadinejad in Iran), or will suspend elections due to some "national emergency" or manufactured false-flag operation. He has proven, time and time again, his willingness to ignore the Constitution, ignore the Congress, ignore the law, and ignore the will of the citizens of this once-great country. I believe he will do so again. His arrogance, his egotism, his hatred of what America stood for will provide him with all the motivation he needs, although he will probably get additional encouragement from George Soros and the others - such as Bill Ayers, the "Reverend" Wright, et al.

Nonetheless, if elections are indeed held, it behooves us all to go to the polls and vote. To allow this craven creature an easy victory would be an even greater crime than those he has already committed. Also, it is our duty to make a serious attempt to defeat him at the polls if for no other reason than the blow that would be to his over-weening pride and arrogance. He deserves to be beaten by a landslide, to have his nose pushed into his own mess, to be told once and for all that Americans cannot all be fooled, all of the time, that we will rise up to fight the destruction of our country.

This video is the best evaluation of this incredible asshole and everything he stands for, along with everyone he admires, has trained him, who calls him "friend". Including the grasping bitch to whom he pretends to be a husband. Watch it, absorb its message, and then do as Bill Whittle says we must: go and vote. I realize the country will still be in the worst shape it has been in since its foundation, but still it will be easier to recover before he has had our missile defense system destroyed, our nuclear arsenal reduced to nothing, our economy completely imploded and worthless.

Even if it is a fruitless exercise, I don't think I can call myself a man or a patriot if I do not go to the polls and try to humble this SOB and cast him out.

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