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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why Israel deserves our help

On Kerodin’s blog, iiipercent.blogspot.com, on the topic of helping Israel in its problems with the muslims, he spoke of feeling a moral obligation to help a friend who was being attacked.

We in the IIIpercent are a pathetic group if we can't see who our friends are, can't tell who is worth helping and who isn't. I suppose some of these folks were raised the way Mel Gibson was, by fathers or mentors who think Jews don't count, even if they live in Israel and aren't "polluting" America over here. People who have bought the lies and distortions about Jews, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Rothschilds, and all the other things Jews have been condemned for, for which they’ve been made the scapegoat. (Schumer is a Jew, too, but I don't blame the rest of them just because he is a lying scumwad.)

One commenter - anonymous, of course - posted (or is that, "whined"):

Even though I'm going poor I alway give my friends money, but they still always spy on me.

This is one of the more common “I hate Israel” notions, that our government has given them some money and those ungrateful wretches have repaid it by spying on it.

The money we have given to Israel - compared to the trillions we have spent on the "Palestinians", Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and everywhere else the muslim scum live that the liberals in Congress and the fools in the White House just love to give money to - isn't a fart in a hurricane. And if I had a "friend" who kept stabbing me in the back, and taking the side of my enemies, you bet I'd spy on him, just to make sure I know which hand the dagger is in.

The American people are the friends of Israel, not our government. Israel NEEDS to spy on those bastards in our government, just as we Patriots need to spy on them and get some idea of where they are going to screw us next.

Back when Loughner killed those people in Tucson, including a young girl, a guy on a list I used to belong to wondered out loud if folks who were carrying concealed should get involved when something like that happens. My response was that, when women and children are being killed, anyone who wouldn't get involved - especially an armed individual - needs to go get some balls grafted on. That it was a question that should never even need to be asked.

That is how I feel about Israel. That country has been assaulted, beaten, raped, and then told that they brought it on themselves. Like telling a rape victim she shouldn't have dressed so "provocatively". Kind of like we have been told we brought 9/11 on ourselves, because we were so mean to the poor widdle muslims of the world.

The bad guys, the gang, that beat and raped Israel have told her they are coming back. They have told her they are going to sodomize her and then kill her. We were there when this gang told her they were going to do it, but G-d forbid we should get involved. Yet, when her father and brothers start talking about bringing the fight to the gang _before_ the gang can kill her, we tell them it would be wrong. That they can't go after the gang until the gang actually tries to kill her, even though we know that this will mean she is likely to die.

Our government - this bastard Barry that we all know is a usurper and a fraud - is the “we”, the "cop" that says that Israel's family cannot "take the law into their own hands". (Although in all fairness, this was going on even before, thanks to anti-Semite Jimmy Carter, and the Bush boys. It is just much worse now that we have a muslim-loving President.) The government even told them they would stop them if they saw their jets moving into the gang's territory.

The gang has the local courts (the U.N.) in their pocket, too. Israel’s family knows they will be condemned, tried and convicted, if they move against the gang.

Some of the family (the weak-kneed liberals - you know, you’ve got some in your family, too) don’t want the father and brothers to fight back. “Just give them what they want, and maybe they’ll leave us alone.” The father and brothers know how well that worked out, the last time they tried it. Besides, this time the gang isn’t talking about beating and raping Israel, but killing her. They simply can’t take that chance.

Here is another thought, especially for those of you who might be white supremacists (based on some of your comments and on some of your own blogs) or at least separatists (“let’s not get involved with those people”):

In a way, Israel is like Randy Weaver. Weaver didn’t want to kill all Jews or blacks or Mexicans or Catholics. He just didn’t want to be forced to mix with them. So he found himself a place out in the boondocks of Idaho, to remain separate and live his life in peace. (We all know where that got him.)

Israel wanted a place of its own, not because it hated the world (although G-d knows they certainly had reason to hate a lot of it), but because they thought they might be left alone if they took some nasty desert land that was given to them and lived their own lives away from the rest of the world (Britain was trying to move them onto the "reservation", like we did with our Indians). But the Arabs, the muslims, simply couldn’t leave them alone. They continued to attack them, as well as craving the land that the Israelis turned into green pastures, date groves, and a viable, thriving economic community. (And for those of you who just can’t let it go, who want to whine and snivel that those damned Jews stole that land from the Palestinians, tell me on what date you intend to turn your house and all of your land over to the Native Americans we stole this land from. Then tell me what you plan to do about the land and homes the Arabs stole from the Jews who lived in parts of the Middle East where they were kicked out by those Arabs.)

Our relationship with Israel, as far as I am concerned, is like that of us here in the IIIpercent community. We don’t have to love one another, we don’t have to like and accept everything the other guy believes, but if we want to restore our Constitutional Republic, we need to work together. Not just let the other guy go his own way, but work together. None of us can have any effect on our own, and we may be too few even if we do work together.

Israel and America are the only Western-style republics in existence. Britain, while still our ally and still a worthwhile country, in spite of its government’s embrace of socialism, is not a representational democracy, let alone a republic (I suppose it never really was), although they do remain a people and a culture worth supporting. Israel is more like us, and definitely worth aiding. Doesn’t mean we have to go to war, or send troops over, but weapons and technology and intelligence should certainly be on the board. We should be working together with her to try to keep from being overrun by the muslims. For all intents and purposes, Israel is our only ally against the muslim horde, against their plans for a Universal Caliphate.

More importantly, Israel could become the “France” we in the IIIpercent movement need, as the Founders needed France during AmRevI. There might well be those within her population, within her military or intelligence community, who would be willing to aid us in overcoming a Marxist government, and perhaps a (in the near) future Marxist dictator who has decided that usurping the Presidency simply wasn’t enough.

Bottom line for me: Israel is a friend, one I would physically go over and fight for, if I weren’t an old cripple. I have supported her with money and with a willingness to defend her against all of her enemies, foreign (over there) and domestic (right here).

If you are interested, further thoughts on Israel defending herself can be seen here:



  1. Well said, Reg.

    I really think Israel doesn't so much want us to help them attack Iran as they don't want us to attack them if they do go after Iran.

    Did you catch General Boykin the other day, saying he believes Iran has a nuke already? Things may happen quickly.

  2. I agree, Bob. They can handle it if we will simply not interfere and try to stop them.

    No, but I'm certain Boykin is correct. Did you read the article stating Iran has already tested one or more weapons in North Korea?



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