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~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 4, 2012

And on the Left hand . . .

I'd like to add this quote from our friendly pundit and intellectual mentor, Francis Porretto concerning the Left:

"There are always some whose aspirations to rule will be satisfied. In keeping with Friedrich Hayek's analysis, it is overwhelmingly more likely than not that they will be the most ruthless and least scrupled of all the forces of darkness. In a struggle over political power, those are advantages.

Very seldom have political upheavals not elevated the very worst to the very highest positions. Moreover, the "very worst" are aware of this, which is why one finds a disproportionate number of the unscrupulous -- the liars, the thugs, the embezzlers, and miscellaneous other blackguards -- in the strategy councils of left-oriented movements. Search as long as you like; you will never find anyone resembling Saul Alinsky among conservative or libertarian thinkers. Such a person would rebel against the promotion of individual liberty; he'd seek to undermine it at every opportunity, such that no one on the Right would listen to him.

No, it's on the Left that you'll find the Rahm Emanuels and the David Axelrods, the Jeremiah Wrights and the Al Sharptons, the Tony Rezkos, the Rod Blagojeviches, the Alex Giannoulias, the Bill Ayerses and Bernardine Dohrns."

Most of those individuals are merely clever, such as The Voice Of The Teleprompter, little Barry Soetero/aka Barack Hussein Obama/aka Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.

Obama's ability to move crowds with his voice - similar to the ability of a certain German politician back in the early 1930's - is proven to be simple oratory and not intelligence, when you take away his teleprompter. (Or if you input nonsense into his teleprompter. But his speech writers are not much brighter than he is, evidently.)

There are likely a few evil geniuses somewhere in the woodpile, directing the promotion of the Marxist/socialist agenda. Obama and his cronies, his czars and other political and judicial appointees, are not intelligent so much as devoted to Marxism and to their own political advancement. The horror that faces us is not due to having an extraordinarily intelligent foe in the Left, but in how much we have allowed the Left to assume control of critical infrastructure, such as the education system, the energy system (via the Dept. of Energy), the EPA as well as other important bureaucracies, and many of the Federal courts and appellate courts.

The Communist Party and devoted Marxists have been infiltrating our government, our schools and universities, our banks and economic institutions since the late 1940's, with origins in groups formed even earlier. It may sound like "conspiracy theory", but I guarantee you it is not. "Conspiracy Theory" is simply another tool of the Left to dispute or disparage anything they want the general population to either ignore or condemn as being a fantasy of the Right, of conservatives. However, if you read truly insightful and intelligent authors such as Garet Garret, or G. Edward Griffin's excellent article named "The Future Calling", wherein he lays out the strategy developed and put into play by those who wished to make America a socialist State, starting many years ago with the Fabian Society in England, Cecil Rhodes, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Fund and Foundation, Columbia University, and others whose dreams of a collectivist society across the world motivated them to take the long view - the view that such could be accomplished more easily, albeit over a much longer period of time, if infiltration was used instead of revolution, then you will see that we are not speaking of fantasy.

You will see that this is the reason our schools and universities have become such hotbeds of socialism, of political correctness, of enforced "diversity" (were certain minorities get special treatment), "equality" (everyone gets a gold star), and other agendas destructive to our Constitutional Republic. Remember, "democracy" is what the Left wants us to believe America was supposed to be, where the needs or desires of the group are more important than the rights of the individual - the smallest minority.

The Left would have you believe that the Right is heartless, that is lacks any concern for the weak, the helpless, the poor or disadvantaged. This in spite of the fact that conservatives donate more to charity than liberals do, in spite of the fact that it was the Left - liberal Southern Democrats - who fought so hard to squash the Equal Rights Amendment and the work of Republican senators and Congressmen to see that minorities, especially blacks, had equal rights and equal treatment under law. Isn't it amazing that most of America's black population thinks it was the Left who fought for their rights? Not so amazing when you consider how the Left's control of the media and the schools and universities has warped the story that has reached the ears of children both white and black, as well as their parents.

Just as most of us in this country were taught that the Civil War was about slavery, and that Lincoln loved the black people and wanted what was best for them. Lincoln actually wanted as many blacks as possible to leave America, be deported to Liberia. As Thomas Di Lorenzo noted,

"This was not a one-time flight of fancy for Lincoln. He first proposed deporting blacks to Liberia in an 1854 speech in Peoria, Illinois. In his July 6, 1852 eulogy to Henry Clay, delivered in Springfield, Illinois, Lincoln approvingly quoted Clay's statement that "there is a moral fitness in the idea of returning to Africa her children," which would supposedly be "a single blessing to that most unfortunate" region. This statement by Clay was made twenty-five years ago, said Lincoln, but "every succeeding year has added strength to the hope of its realization. May it indeed be realized!" He continued to voice such sentiments well into his presidency."

There is much to be gained from reading the writings of Garrett, Griffin, and Di Lorenzo. They have been a significant part of my awakening as a non-Republican (big R) conservative, and they will give you a better idea of what the Left has been up to and continues to do.

6/6/2012 addition: I left out a very important group of Marxist long-term planners who have had an incredibly significant affect upon our system of education - the "Frankfurt School".
Please Google them and read various sources concerning their beginning, their agenda, and the success that they and their spiritual heirs have achieved in this country.

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