Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, June 3, 2012

If Only

Saw this on Kenny's web site, Knuckledraggin My Life Away, and had to post it here. It wouldn't have saved us from eventual hell on earth, but it would have prevented the last three years of it.

Have you stopped to consider the fact that Obama completely ignores his white genes in favor of his black genes? The only reason I can conceive of for that fact is that he learned at an early age how much he could benefit from claiming his "black" (rather than half-black) heritage and denying the white. I'm sure his probably-biological father, Frank Marshall Davis, along with his putative father, BO, Sr., and Lolo Soetero all re-inforced that concept in his mind. When your actual talents are as meager as Obama's demonstrably are, you play the race card for all it is worth.

Obama is worse than an "empty suit", as some have called him. His suit is filled with arrogance, conceit, hatred for America, for whites, for the productive, for those who choose responsibility and self-sufficiency over dependence upon others and upon government handouts, and filled with an inability to understand that his whole life is a sham. That he is an ignorant puppet on a stick, being used by those who have filled what was once a young and empty mind with all of those negative qualities, along with a love of Marxism - as long as he doesn't have to suffer under it himself.

I'm repeating myself, but as worthless as Romney is, the only other choice is to decide you are ready for armed revolution - one which may well fail. Because four more years of Obama, with the gloves completely off, will mean the end of America as it was ever known on this continent. Obama will certainly continue the destruction of the few protections the Constitution still provides. He will ignore what few remaining restrictions there are upon his actions, and he will put America into a state from which it may not recover for decades, if ever.

Yeah, I'm a coward. I'd love to finish the few years remaining to me in relative peace and comfort. I don't want to have to end up dying under fire - or by fire - from resisting a SWAT home invasion or a VIPR road block. Of course, things are already bad enough that I may face that no matter who is elected, but I feel certain it will happen if Obama is re-elected. Or when I see friends attacked by ATF, FBI, DHS, or bankrupted and destroyed by EPA or FDA or DOE, which I feel would be quite likely in the event of a continuing Obama administration.

I'd love to go out quietly, but I feel certain I will not be able to do so. I have a low threshold for injustice - at least for feeling the rage that overcomes me when I read about it or see it. I'm not quite certain what will push me to action, what the final straw or line in the sand will be, but I do not doubt it will occur if this scumwad remains in office unchecked. I don't have many close friends, but I do have friends who I will go to the wall for if and when. Even though I am an old man, those who would harm my friends or family will definitely be surprised by what I remain capable of, to the regret of their survivors. Yes, big talk, I know. However, although Sipsey Street is only fiction, I firmly believe it will not always be fiction.

If only.
That ignorant, wrong-headed, liberal twit could have saved us all a lot of trouble, a lot of pain and heartache, if she had only used some protection when she spread her legs for whichever black man planted this bad seed.

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