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~ Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photographic Evidence-at the White House LGBT party

I have posted before, on a number of occasions, my belief that the Pretender-in-Chief is gay, or at least bi-sexual, although my guess is that his marriage is a sham, a marriage of political convenience. Let's face it: the country was obviously ready for its first black President, but its first gay, black President? I think not. I'm quite certain that the political machine of Soros/Saudi Arabia/the Chicago Boys knew damn well that that would never fly.

Yes, the country - which the Left and the flatulent mouthpieces of the administration (like Axelrod) claim is racist, any time someone disagrees with them - did indeed vote for a black President in large numbers. I won't go so far as to say he was actually elected by them, because of the massive voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN, the machinery of the Left, and the Democratic Party (but I repeat myself).

Now, I am one of those nefarious "Birthers", a person who suspects there is a very good reason that Obama has sealed all records of his birth, childhood, schooling and college activity (no, the "Record of Live Birth" is not only not a legal birth certificate, it has been proven beyond a doubt to have been a manipulated and false document). That reason is because it would not bear any scrutiny. That it would prove him to have been ineligible to run for the office of the President, let alone be elected.

However, that is not the point of this post (that was only inserted to get the Lefties to go into overload and stroke out, if they read this at all ;-) The point is that we have as our first black President another first along with that: our first gay President. The reason I say gay, rather than bi-sexual, is because based on his behavior I sincerely believe a check of the DNA of both of Michelle's daughters would prove that he was not their biological father.

Of course, I am prepared to be proven wrong on this assertion. He might have bit the bullet, so to speak, and A) provided some sperm for Michelle to be artificially inseminated with, or B) actually gritted his teeth and inserted his tiny member between those massive thighs.

Considering the size of those thighs, and the probable deficit in length of his junk, I would vote for AI, if he is biologically involved at all. And don't even think to suggest he might have used a different position. Michelle obviously suffers from steatopygia, so that would be a non-starter even if he were equipped like Long John Holmes (the porn star).

Finally, we know that Obama, or at least little Barry Soetero, spent some "quality time" with Frank Marshall Davis, who is believed to have had "short eyes" (pedophilia). As young as Barry was at that time, I'm quite certain the mulatto factor would have been attractive to Davis. Even if, as I have stated before, Davis was indeed Barry's biological father, we all know that it is not that uncommon for some fathers to molest their own children. Consider, further, that Davis was a racist and a Communist (literally a member of the CPA), he may not have felt that producing offspring from sex with a white upper-class woman was anything for which he needed to claim responsibility.

I can understand looking at Obama on a girl's bike and thinking "Dork!" rather than "Faggot!". But, how can you possibly look at that feminine simper on his face at the White House celebration of LGBT Day and not shout "Faggot!" Apologies to my gay friends, but as with most cultures, gays speak derogatorily of each other, just as blacks call each other "nigga". So, allow me to borrow a word from gay culture that certainly applies to a simpering fool who is obviously enjoying touching another very gay man. From the look on Homobama's face, he wanted everyone in attendance to know that he was enjoying it.

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