Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WTF? Nero fiddles while Caligula bends him over.

Or should that be, Barry Soetero bends over his putter, while Eric Holder goes Fast and Furious?

If I ever needed convincing that this country has become so sickeningly perverted and wrong, this news article I stumbled across would do it: not that I have any doubt that the Miss USA contest has been rigged or manipulated, now and in the past, but the decision of the organizers of the contest to allow TRANSGENDER males to enter and compete just completely boggles my freaking (out) mind.

How have we come to this? Isn't it bad enough to allow girls to be BOY Scouts? Or to allow gay men - who so very often are sexually interested in young boys - to be Scoutmasters, and go on overnight sleep-outs with their young charges? (Don't misunderstand me - heterosexual child molesters are just as bad.) Isn't it bad enough that the city of San Francisco - or maybe it was the county, I don't recall - has arranged the medical insurance they provide for their employees to include elective surgical sex-change to be covered by the insurance that the citizens of the city (or county) have to pay for with their taxes?

Are you aware there are psychiatrists and psychologists (probably all pedophiles themselves) who want pedophilia removed from the DSM list of abnormal behaviors? That there are "ethicists" - people like Peter Singer - and philosophers, college professors, and politicians (that group doesn't surprise me) who agree with this aberrant notion, who want sex with children to be acceptable and legal?

Are you aware that all penalties for sodomy and bestiality have been removed from the Uniform Code of Military Justice? So that the gays and the muslims in the military can't be arrested or discharged for sex with each other or with animals. (At least most gays are satisfied with each other. The muslims want sex with each other, with young boys, and with animals - all but the sex with other adult males being permitted by the Qur'an.) Ask any servicemen you know who served in Afghanistan and in Pakistan about the Paki and Afghani troops sleeping with each other, and about whether donkeys are safe in those countries.

Are you aware that schools in this country - in places back East like Boston, and in many other cities and towns across the country - are teaching grade school children how to put a condom on a banana, and that gay and lesbian sex is perfectly acceptable? That Obama has a "science advisor", John Holden, who has told very young boys they should be willing to submit when an older man wants to have sex with them, that it is all right to do so?

I am not a parent, and with the exception of a few years living with two different women, at different times of course, I have done very little parenting myself. Nonetheless, I cannot understand how you could be a parent and not experience the most incredible outrage to know how your children are being taught, indoctrinated, brain-washed into believing that these perversions are acceptable and proper.

If you have the ability, the opportunity to home school your children, you should do so, even if it is difficult and a struggle. "Socializing" them, as the shrinks and sociologists and "educators" would have you believe is necessary in order to enable them to be well-rounded individuals and develop their full potential is bullshit. Plain and simple. You do not want them socializing with teachers and other students who will sway them toward the perversions which so many on the Left feel are just fine and dandy, and which our current collectivist (and that includes all the RINOs who compromise the majority of the GOP) government supports.

If you simply cannot home school, then you must involve yourself in their education and spend the time with them needed to discover what perverted crap they are being taught so that you can counter it with proper Judeo-Christian morality. You must also see that they learn that the history and "social studies" they are taught in the public schools are twisted and incorrect, as well.

If I believed in G-d, I would be very fearful of the destruction of the world by Him due to how low and disgusting human society and "civilization" has become. To me it seems as if Sodom and Gomorrah has returned, is being re-lived at the present time. I'm sure it is this bad in many other countries across the world as well, especially in countries and regions which embrace the sick perversion that is Islam. Part of me is certain that the human race does not deserve to continue, since we can allow these things to happen - and happen to our children.

In a very real way, IMVHO, the downfall that Europe, our country - and by extension, the rest of the world - may well experience via economic calamity and the civil disturbances, riots (possibly even warfare) that will accompany the destruction of the interdependent world economy, is nothing less than what we deserve. If - more likely when - the world's economies collapse like a series of dominoes due to unsupportable debt and the hyperinflation that will probably occur, it will be because we here in America allowed those evil men and women who gravitate to power, who seek dominion over the rest of us, to take control of the incredible gift that the Founders provided for us in the creation of this country, a functional Constitutional Republic. They even warned us that it would require diligence, faithful attention and involvement in order to maintain it, against the natural desire of some men to destroy it, to take control and pervert what was intended into what we now face in a government no longer in our control.

We - the generations since the creation of our Republic - failed in our duty. We did not maintain control over those we placed in the position of representing us and in the positions of running the limited functions of government. Those of you who sit there and wail that it was the "Boomers" or the "greatest Generation" who were responsible for this debacle are blind. We lost our Republic long before those generations were even born. Yes, it has gotten worse, but what have you done better? Occupying Wall Street? Those few who have rallied behind Ron Paul (and I was one, even though a "Boomer")? [We should have been able to see that he is un-electable within the framework of the current political system. It will simply not allow us to make him a viable candidate, let alone elect him to the highest office. So we Paulites have done little as well, other than to demonstrate that there are some who wish to do better than what we are stuck with at present .]

I truly hope that I am completely wrong about what we face as a nation in the way of an economic catastrophe, but as far as I can see the only alternative to that is a fairly quick slide into a totally tyrannical dictatorship where every aspect of our lives is controlled by the state, and we have no ability to travel where we want, eat what we want, read what we want, or say what we want. (Like current air travel, Mayor Bloomberg's and Michelle Obama's desire to control what we eat or drink, the restrictions on what the mainstream media permit us to see in the way of actual news, and the restrictions on what can be said about muslims in many countries.)

Perhaps a world where being heterosexual is against the law, where procreation and child rearing are done only by the State and biological parents are allowed no contact with their children, not even permitted to have children. Where you are not only assigned a place to live, but what you will do for a job, who you are permitted to socialize with, or marry. Perhaps a Universal muslim caliphate, as in the muslim nations where some of those issues are already controlled by the imams.

This is already too long a treatise on the troubles we face. Even if you are religious, praying won't get us out of this fix. "G-d helps those who help themselves" should be the watchwords for those who believe, and "personal responsibility and self-sufficiency" for those of us who don't - hell, for all of us. Please make some preparations for hard times. The times are already difficult, but I feel certain they will get worse. Family, friends, tribes.

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