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~ Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Dire Warning

Thanks to Pete at WRSA, I have read an article by a blogger, Anthony Martin, who writes of his feelings that a dire event is likely to occur in the not-too-distant future. He speaks of his intuition, which he says is often correct, and goes on at length concerning his reasons for this. I have to chuckle a bit - not at his writing, which is eloquent and informed, but simply because he is as verbose as I tend to be. That being said, I cannot chuckle at his warning, because I agree with it one hundred percent, and for the very same reasons he gives.

I have stated before that we may well face a manufactured event, a false flag incident perhaps, that will be used as an excuse by Obama to either postpone elections, possibly along with the imposition of martial law to suppress any response by citizens who refuse to accept such an occurrence, or he may simply declare himself the winner of any elections that are held, just as Ahmadinejad did in Iran when he was "elected" President of that country. You only have to consider the numerous times he has side-stepped Congress and the Constitutional limits placed upon the powers of the Executive Office to understand the danger. Such as his recent "executive order" providing an amnesty that was defeated in Congress when it was offered as the "Dream Act". He is a deviant man, an arrogant man, who refuses to be thwarted in any way. I believe he will refuse to be thwarted when it comes to who is President next January.

Mr. Martin writes well and explains his thought process and reasoning better than I can. Please use the link to read his article. Yes, it is lengthy, but it is worth reading in full. If the link does not work for any reason, go to:

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