Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 11, 2012

Closing the Trap

This morning I began re-reading Garet Garrett's brilliant treatise, "The Revolution Was". In it he describes how FDR, along with those "fellow travelers", those fellow Marxists who shared his vision, his agenda, launched functioning Communism in this country. How he and his ilk brought real Marxism into being within the workings of government and in the day-to-day existence of American society.

Garrett explained that those who were warning that it was going to happen were deluded, that it had already taken place while the country slept, or at least did not notice. He spoke of the fact that the meaning of words used to describe the free market, government, the intricacies of American society, had morphed. How the Left - the Communists, the Marxists of his day - had intentional changed the meaning of words that were in continuing use, but which meant something far different from what they had before.

Do we not see this happening today? When the Left speaks of the failure of capitalism, when it speaks of the favoritism and corruption of capitalism and the free market, but is actually speaking of the crony capitalism practiced by those in power, and especially by Obama and his cronies. When the left speaks of racism, but actually means any speech or actions it does not approve of that has taken place? When it speaks of unemployment, but is actually speaking of those people who are actively enrolled in state-operated unemployment programs, ignoring all those who have given up searching for work, or who are under-employed to the point of losing their homes, with children going hungry?

Obama and those who run the little homo puppet are simply attempting to close the trap. They have grown government by an order of magnitude over even the worst that both Bushes were capable of, members of CFR and the elitists that they are. What many people haven't yet figured out is that the Bush administrations wanted to accomplish the growth of control over the country incrementally, while Obama and those who pull his arrogant, egotistical strings can no longer wait, are unwilling to be patient. They want it now.

Consequently, they are employing - as I and many others have already mentioned - the Cloward-Piven strategy, where destruction of the economy will lead to dependence of the majority of the population upon the largess of government. If permitting the total loss of every bit of liberty, of sovereignty, is what it takes to feed and shelter a man and his family, he is likely to accept his role as slave.

Garrett wrote:

"The scientific study of revolution included, of course, analysis of opportunity. First and always, the

master of revolutionary technique is an opportunist. He must know opportunity when he sees it in the

becoming; he must know how to stalk it, how to let it ripen, how to adapt his means to the realities.

The basic ingredients of opportunity are few; nearly always it is how they are mixed that matters. But

the one indispensable ingredient is economic distress, and, if there is enough of that, the mixture will

take care of itself." (Emphasis mine.)

So, we have a combination we see happening before our very eyes, spoken of by Obama and his useful tools such as Rahm Emanuel ("You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.") We have the intentional destruction of the economy by Obama and his masters together with the verbally admitted use of opportunity - "serious crisis", in the words of Emanuel. Can anyone reading this post deny that this country is currently experiencing economic distress?

This country has been living a mild, not yet fully realized form of Marxism - a species of socialism - since FDR at the very least. To those in the Liberty movement who rant about how it is the fault of the "Boomers" that we are in such a mess, I say, "Please get your heads out of your nether cheeks, and understand it happened long before the Boomers were even a gleam in their daddy's eyes." We - the Boomers, along with those few of the Greatest Generation still alive - didn't make it any better, but neither did we make it worse. It is the natural progression of the agenda conceived not long after Marx and Lenin codified Communism, and the elite of our country, TPTB, the brokers, kingmakers, the members of CFR began to institute it here in this country.

Read all of Garrett that you can find. He was a brilliant, perceptive man, and his rational and cogent explanation of what had already taken place back during the reign of FDR will convince all but those unwilling to hear the truth. It will be time well spent, even if somewhat depressing. It is information you need, however, if you are going to understand the dimensions of what we face and what we must fight if we are ever to recover Liberty, in our time or in the future.


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