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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The German People Really Were Guilty

Thank you, thank you, Pete at WRSA, for posting a link to powerofnarrative.blogspot, called Once Upon a Time. In it, the author of the blog writes about a book, Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany, which describes and documents excellent reasons to believe that the German people were well aware of the death and destruction rained upon the Jews, the Poles, the Gypsies, and others who died at the hands of the Third Reich.

There are those in the Liberty movement, the Patriot movement, who probably are fairly decent and well-meaning individuals, but people with whom I will have no truck. Why? Because they are apologists for the German people, for the horrific abuses and murders of over six million human beings, simply because the Germans pursued Communists with a vengeance.

Yes, the Marxists have been responsible for much of the sorry state of our country today, for the move toward fascism that our country has taken since FDR, and appears ready to consummate with this Administration. Certainly, the Soviets and the Chinese killed many times more of their own citizens as the Nazis. Does that excuse the German people, or should they be forgiven because they fought the Commies (after initially siding with them before Hitler decided it would be more fun to stab them in the back?) No chance in Hell.

In a description of the book at Amazon:

Extensively documented, highly readable and illustrated with never-before-published photographs, Backing Hitler convincingly debunks the myth that Nazi atrocities were carried out in secret. From the rise of the Third Reich well into the final, desperate months of the war, the destruction of innocent lives was inextricably linked to the will of the German people.

The operative phrase being, "the will of the German people."


Debate still rages over how much ordinary Germans knew about the concentration camps and the Gestapo's activities during Hitler's reign. Now, in this well-documented and provocative volume, historian Robert Gellately argues that the majority of German citizens had quite a clear picture of the extent of Nazi atrocities, and continued to support the Reich to the bitter end.

The author of the post goes on to relate the book to our current situation, with Obama's "kill list" and the host of other fascist Changes he has made to our country (I use to list these as "socialist", until Thomas Sowell corrected my thinking on the difference). So, we as a society are no better than the German people were during the rise to power of Hitler and his attempt to establish a Third Reich. Our government has become so corrupt and overbearing that we might as well call Barack "Adolph", and far too many American citizens think such government is acceptable.

Yes, there were scattered individuals in Germany who did what they could, such as Herr Schindler, just as there are people in this country who recognize the horror of our government running amok. But there were far too few in Nazi Germany. The average German citizen was proud of what Hitler and his cronies did, had no problem whatsoever with the removal of those "filthy Jews" from "polite" society.

In his post at Once Upon a Time, the author mentions the possibility of Arabs, muslims, being persecuted and rounded up as terrorists. He needs to be corrected on that notion, as we have seen - especially in places like Dearborn, MI, where muslims threw rocks and bottles at some men who were silently holding signs critical of Islam while police stood by and did nothing - that muslims will continue to be held blameless and allowed all manner of criminality in the service of political correctness. Instead, the terrorists will be you and me, people who speak out against the State, people who try to be honest and forthright. We are the ones who will be rounded up, not the muslims.

And if you truly believe it will never happen, ask one of the few people of Japanese history who lived through the detention of all Japanese Americans - recent immigrants and natural born American citizens of Japanese descent - how they liked being forced to live in a concentration camp, right here in America. Ask the few people who survived the FBI assault with tanks and helicopters on the men, women, and children of Mt. Carmel in Waco, Texas.

Then ask this grandmother how much she enjoyed the stun grenades thrown through her living room window, simply because the police suspected that someone in her house might have been responsible for saying some bad things about their police department.

Does it not fill you with rage, or at least terrify you, that our law enforcement personnel are willing to act entirely outside of the rule of law? Does it not move you want to reply in kind when you realize that these lawless scum with badges will never suffer any consequences stronger than a little bad press - and only from alternative media, never MSM? It should.

So, let it be said that we here in America are indeed guilty of not raising hell when this behavior occurs. Although I'll be damned if I can figure out what we could have done. Some think we could have voted our way out of it, forced the bad politicians out of office. When has that ever worked before? How many Presidents have been impeached? Two. How many have been convicted? Zero. (Yes, Nixon resigned before he was impeached, but he probably would not have been convicted either.) The political system is rigged to protect its own, especially when it comes to the Executive Office.

I'd like to think there are more of us who speak out against the current political atrocities than ever spoke out in Germany during the thirties and forties against the actual, physical atrocities of Jews being beaten, burned out of their homes, killed or sent to concentration camps.. Unfortunately, I think we will be just as unsuccessful at creating any groundswell of indignation as were those few decent Germans.

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